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Are You Interested In Saving A Boat Load Of Money During Your Next Web/CRM/Ticketing Update?

If there’s one area where arts organizations have untapped expense reduction savings, it’s creating a more efficient process for integrating and updating your existing web, Box Office, and CRM systems. To that end, one of the most popular articles here for the past several years has been Understanding The Relationship Between Websites, Box Office, and CRM which I recently updated for 2016. In addition to general updates, the article continues to walk you through everything you need to know about what those systems are and how they integrate. There’s also a brand […]

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Tools Of The Trade Get Cooler Every Year

Show of hands, who hates compiling metrics data so that non-geeks can get as much out of it as you do? Hard core data geeks love good old spreadsheets chocked full of numbers and formulas but for most folks, that’s absolutely eye-glazing. And if you’ve ever been responsible for putting together reports that pull metrics data from your Google Analytics account, you know how much trouble it is making it look pretty. Fortunately, all that is about to change. I published an article today at that takes a good look at […]

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Understanding The Relationship Between Websites, Box Office, and CRM Reloaded 2016

Ever since publishing the original version of this article in 2011, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the uncertainty surrounding the relationship between websites, box office, and customer relationship management solutions (CRM) along with where they do and do not intersect. In the worst case scenarios, arts organizations end up encountering huge cost overruns due to nothing other than lack of knowledge about how much effort is involved with something like integrating a box office solution into their website. In more ideal scenarios, all three of these items are seamlessly […]

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Looking For Even More Compensation Resources?

The 2016 Orchestra Compensation Reports were a big hit but what if you’re looking for compensation data outside of executives, music directors, and concertmasters? Fortunately, you have some options to consider and I published an article at that explore several free and paid sources. Speaking of the orchestra compensation reports, they garnered some terrific coverage across a variety of outlets. New York Times: How Jaap van Zweden Became America’s Best-Paid Conductor in 2013 Dallas Morning News: Holy cow! Jaap van Zweden was one well-paid dude at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra […]

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ACTION ALERT: Here’s What You Can Do To Help Defeat The Destruction Of Military Bands

Although there have always been some members of congress bent on gutting the US Armed Forces music programs, most measures rarely make it past a committee vote but all of that changed last week thanks to Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) playing politics with an amendment to the 2017 defense appropriations act that all but eviscerates the entire music program. McSally managed to finagle enough support on the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee to shove the amendment through. If McSally’s name sounds familiar, that’s because she is the very same openly hostile representative who publicly […]

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