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It Was Nice While It Lasted

We’ve enjoyed an unusually long stretch of time where there wasn’t a labor dispute brewing but that seems to becoming rapidly to an end and the culprit this time around is the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). With a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that expires Sunday, 9/4/2016 the group has yet to reach a new deal. The PSO’s soon to expire agreement was a three-year term covering the 2013/14, 2014/15, and 2015/16 seasons and included a three percent increase in the final year. The prior agreement, which covered the 2011/12, 2012/13, and 2013/14 […]

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Let’s Keep A Good Thing Going

Last week’s survey designed to learn more about what influenced your decision to change jobs and how satisfied they are with the change has generated a terrific number of replies, just over 400 so far. The response is strong enough, I published a similar version at ArtsHacker but geared toward the broader arts and culture field. And since replies have been consistent from one day to the next, I’m going to leave the survey open until this Friday, which is a little longer than originally planned. If you have been meaning to […]

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Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Conductors Don’t Win Music Director Jobs: Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in last week’s poll asking readers to weigh-in on whether or not they thought certain types of artistic activity could help or hurt a conductor’s prospects at landing a music director position at a professional US orchestra. There were just under 300 respondents and the results were fascinating. If nothing else, they indicate the potential value in studying this issue in a far more scientific fashion. Beyond measuring possible predisposition toward one artistic activity over another, it could codify the need for a larger […]

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A Hero’s Journey Toward Developing Your Google Analytics Skills

We’re less than a month away from the 2016 Arts Midwest Conference in Milwaukee and I’m excited as ever for the Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills seminar. Having a solid 270 minutes to work with attendees is a genuine treat and my fellow panelists, Ceci Dadisman and Marc van Bree, and I have been hard at work putting together a hero’s journey of an adventure toward attaining the ring of metrics knowledge. Well, maybe there won’t be circles of fire, magic rings, or bad-ass warrior women in horned helmets (although Ceci is genuinely valkyrific) but […]

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Music And Nature

American Public Media’s (APM) Performance Today with Fred Child is publishing an episode today that commemorates 100th birthday (today!) of the National Parks system. It’s tough to miss the similarities between the APM and National Park missions even though one focuses on facilitating nature while the other focuses on art and culture. As part of the celebration, the entire show packed up and headed out to the Grand Teton National Park where they connected with a number of musicians from the Grand Teton Music Festival. Having heard about the program from those […]

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