Time To Roll Out Some Big Updates

You’ll never get anywhere by standing still so to that end, I’m happy to announce some big improvements at both the main blog and Adaptistration Jobs. Let’s take a look at what’s new: an integrated payment gateway and Facebook powered comments.

Integrated Payment Gateway

secure payments

We recently upgraded our payment gateway to include an integrated system that allows users to make credit card payments without needing to leave the site. At Adaptistration Jobs, this will make the already quick process of posting a job with a featured listing upgrade even faster.

Registered employers posting a standard free job opening will enjoy having the final checkout process required the old payment gateway entirely removed from the process!

The new payment gateway will be available here at the main blog as well via the Coffee Tip, therefore providing a true, one page checkout process. #100%ReaderSupported

To help celebrate, all of Adaptistration Jobs’ featured listing upgrades are going to be 20 percent off through 11/05/2016!

In order to make sure credit card transactions remain completely secure, you may have noticed we upgraded our security standards to include an SSL certificate, which is why you’ll now see the green padlock and HTTPS protocol on any checkout pages as well as the contact form.

Facebook Comments

facebook comments

First and foremost, this change is going to be an experiment. One of the largest challenges related to moderating comments during periods of nasty labor disputes is dealing with comment trolls. Up until now, we have instituted a manual validation process which worked fine during periods of non-labor disputes but became increasingly burdensome otherwise.

To address this issue in a way that maintains comment integrity, I’ve converted the default comment functionality over to a platform powered by Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know about the change:

  • Anyone wishing to leave a comment will need an active Facebook account and be logged in when leaving a comment.
  • Your Facebook profile will be automatically associated with your comment.
  • All comments are still moderated before being posted.
  • You will now have the option of having your comment appear automatically at your profile in addition to the blog page.
  • Comments are still displayed oldest first.
  • Existing comments via the previous platform will remain attached to their respective posts (yay!).
  • Although the comment RSS feed will be phased out, you’ll have a much easier time staying plugged into discussions thanks to the increased social media connectivity.

If you have any trouble posting a comment using your Facebook account, get in touch and let me know about it.

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