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A few months ago, I made a big switch from using traditional comments to a system powered by Facebook. At the time, I mentioned this switch was an experiment in progress and now that we’re several weeks in I can say that it will be the ongoing standard for the foreseeable future.

Since making the switch, a several readers who used to leave comments anonymously over verified likelihood of suffering retaliation if they used their real name. Know that I do feel for your situation and am sad to see this being removed. That’s the only aspect of this platform I wish could be modified but trolling abuses over the years made the previous method untenable.

In the future, if there is a way to provide those protections, know that it will certainly be incorporated.

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Until then, here is what you need to know about leaving a comment:

  • Anyone wishing to leave a comment will need an active Facebook account and be logged in when leaving a comment.
  • Your Facebook profile will be automatically associated with your comment.
  • All comments are still moderated and those violating the comment policy will be removed.
  • You will now have the option of having your comment appear automatically at your profile in addition to the blog page.
  • Comments are still displayed oldest first.
  • Existing comments via the previous platform will remain attached to their respective posts (yay!).

Now that Facebook powered comments are part of the blog, let’s be friends!

Although it isn’t required to leave a comment, it does make it easier for me to reply to your questions and it makes for an easier time staying plugged into discussions thanks to the increased social media connectivity.

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