Confused About Instagram’s Stories and Live Features? I Was Too Until I Read This

I’m not a big Instagram user but it pays to stay on top of leading social media platforms which is why I tend to find tutorials written from the perspective of those inside the field I work more useful than those from generic sources. To that end, classical music entrepreneur extraordinaire Jason Heath published a pair of articles this week at ArtsHacker covering how Instagram Stories and Instagram Live work along with creative use examples.

Yes, it can be frustrating when platforms change, add, and remove features but the byproducts of ignorance are far worse than any inconveniences related to powering through the learning curve.

Fortunately, Heath explains everything in easy to understand fashion; for example, if you have even a little experience with Instagram traditional feature, posts, he provides a handy compare/contrast chart pointing out the differences. That alone provides a wealth of lightbulb moment understanding.

Read "Exploring Instagram Stories" at

Read “Exploring Instagram Stories” at

Read "Exploring Instagram Live" at

Read “Exploring Instagram Live” at

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