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The Second Great Lie Of Academia

At the beginning of April, we conducted a poll asking readers what they thought about the numbers of students graduating with music performance degrees. With more than 500 responses, the vast majority of readers, 73 percent, indicated that conservatories and schools of music produce too many classical music performance graduates. 18 percent indicated the numbers of graduates are reasonable and only two percent indicated there should be even more graduates. Seven percent selected “other” and among those, the majority of respondents took the time to mention something along the lines of the […]

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Poll: What Do You Think About The Numbers Of Students Graduating With Music Performance Degrees

Last Friday’s April Fool’s post was a genuine hit but it seemed to simultaneously hit a few nerves. In particular, a number of reader replies (especially via email and social media) touched on issues related to the sheer volume of students produced by conservatories and schools of music vs. existing and potential job/opportunity capacity throughout the field. There’s no shortage on discussion about concerns over the music performance graduates vs. opportunity syndrome, in fact, it is a well-worn topic that has garnered national attention for more than a decade. If the topic […]

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Sometimes I Scare Myself

I’m honored and humbled to be at the center of Joe Patti’s 58/2013 Butts In The Seats article titled “It Only Appears A Mockery of Reality” where he harkens back to a series of Adaptistration posts from 2004 and 2006. Patti drills down on a series of Mock Negotiation exercises I conducted for the MBA students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration and Eastman School of Music’s Institute for Music Leadership. These mock negotiation exercises had the students negotiating as the musician representatives and thrust them into a […]

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