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Knowledge Is Power

One of the biggest requests during the Orchestra Compensation Reports is from readers who are interested in seeing more than a single season worth of data so as to build a more comprehensive frame of reference. I couldn’t agree more and that content is available exclusively via subscription at Adaptistration Premium. To that end, I’m happy to report that all of the 2011 content has been uploaded, that means you have access to nine years of compensation material… (more…)

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Congratulations To The Adaptistration Premium Subscription Winners!

The 2011 Readership Segmentation Survey drawing took place over the weekend and three winners have been identified. The grand prize winner receives a full access pass, valued at $80.00, through December 31, 2011 while the remaining two win a single subscription pass, valued at $50.00 each, through December 31, 2011… (more…)

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The new Adaptistration Premium

The New And Improved Adaptistration Premium

Now that the 2010 orchestra website reviews are done, I wanted to take a moment to point out that all of the related content for US and Canadian orchestras is now available at the completely redesigned Adaptistration Premium. The site now includes a number of user interface enhancements, but the good news is subscription prices are remaining exactly the same… (more…)

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Adaptistration Premium

Who Else Doesn’t Like To Wait?

The good news is you don’t have to wait until June 7 for the 2010 Orchestra Compensation Reports; they’re available right now at Adaptistration Premium. The great news is the new and improved data management tables that were designed especially for the compensation info are in place and fully operational. There is no bad news. If you already have a subscription to Adaptistration Premium, you should have received an email announcement this morning about the updates and if you don’t have a subscription (yet), you can still take a sneak peek… (more…)

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Best Holiday Office Gift. Ever.

Cyber Monday may have been the official launch of online based holiday shopping but call me old fashioned, I just like to wait until the calendar officially reads December. As such, today marks the launch of a very special holiday sale where you can pick up the single best gift for orchestra folks money can buy; better than a Snuggie, better than a Snuggie for dogs, this gift will make you the hero of this year’s office party… (more…)

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