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Taking Another Look At Individual Musician Instrument Costs

Recently, my wife, Holly Mulcahy, wrote an article for that chronicles her recent work preparing for the concertmaster solo in Mahler’s 4th Symphony. What makes the solo unusual is it requires the concertmaster to prepare an additional violin tuned higher than the instrument’s regular tuning and use that in addition to his/her regular instrument. The article contains plenty of artistic insight goodies but one item that flies under the radar is the added costs involved with preparing the second instrument. Setting aside the costs of purchasing or renting an additional instrument […]

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Women Composer Database Project Update: A Marvelous Response So Far!

The response to the post from 3/9/17 introducing readers to Rob Deemer’s Women Composer Database Project has been marvelous. To date, there have been nearly 500 shares and several thousand page views but the best part is how much you’ve been contributing to the project! Let’s take a closer look. Beyond Social Shares Sharing the post with friends and colleagues is a critical step in expanding awareness but you’ve blown past that stage and into direct project involvement. In order to help expand the list and begin filling in details, Deemer created [...]
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Are You Aware Of The Women Composer Database Project?

On 3/16/2012, composer and arts administrator Rob Deemer wrote an article for NewMusicBox that included a list of women composers. His motivation was rooted in discussions from that time about women composers and since then, that simple list has grown into a full-fledged database project. I contacted Deemer to learn more about how the project started and where it’s going. “In my original NMBx article, I wrote ‘Having been the positions of programming works for ensembles as well as selecting guest composers for new music festivals, I understand that one of the […]

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Are Community Orchestra Programs The New Low Hanging Fruit?

There was an intriguing article by Mark Stryker in the 12/3/2016 edition of the Detroit Free Press that examines the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s community orchestra program. The article focuses primarily on the benefits related to buzzwords like outreach and relevancy but the really interesting aspect of these programs that doesn’t garner as much attention is the revenue potential. For the past decade, professional orchestras have discovered the financial benefits of running branded youth ensemble programs. For some, the revenue stream is large enough to make the effort a fundamental element of their […]

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Can You Make A Plug-and-Play Artistic Programming Tool That Reliably Predicts Revenue?

There’s a fascinating article at The Economist titled How to make a hit Broadway show (h/t Thomas Cott) that invites readers to see if they can use an interactive tool to create a Broadway show that generates more revenue than Hamilton. It provides control over the type, origin, and genre of the show along with input variables for cast size, seating and the marquee value of lead actors, writers, and composers. For good measure, you can even factor in reviews and awards. The tool sources data from The Broadway League; Internet Broadway […]

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