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Keeping Tabs On Your Internet Speed

Budgets are tight enough already, the last thing anyone wants to do is pay for something a provider isn’t delivering. To that end, something every office has is an internet connection but it never surprises me to see how few actually test their connection speeds to confirm they are getting what they pay for. Granted, internet service providers (ISP) and their ability to deliver the connection speeds they promise have come a long way in the last few years, but it never hurts to confirm. And if your organization operates in a […]

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Become A Smart Object Hero

The good news is that high quality software and apps, such as Adobe Creative Suite, are becoming increasingly more affordable for nonprofit performing arts originations. The bad news is that because they’ve been unobtainable for so long, too many managers don’t have the skills they need to really maximize what they can accomplish with those tools. Sure, you can explore options for taking in-person or online courses but that’s where time and budgets begin to push back. Fortunately, we’ve been chipping away at this skills gap at ArtsHacker bit by bit. One […]

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Are You Interested In An Online Learning Platform Geared Toward Arts Orgs And Artists?

Thanks to some especially thoughtful reader feedback at, the team has been exploring the idea of creating an online learning platform specializing in developing key skills from the perspective of arts managers, practitioners, and individual artists. Although there’s no shortage of online learning outlets, the material in this potential environment would be covered within the context of daily challenges faced by those inside the field. Think of it like regular ArtsHacker tutorial content, but going into far greater detail and offering an expanded learning interface (think videos, audio, presentations, etc.). In […]

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Beloved Is Only The Beginning

Hot off the heels of last Friday’s #BanBeloved post, Ceci Dadisman authored an article at that dives deeper into problems that are nothing more than the byproduct of using overly complicated, technical, and flowery messaging. And since it’s ArtsHacker, it isn’t just a rant (#GuiltyAsCharged). Instead, she provides several useful tools and insights on how to avoid those bear traps. The post also covers how to avoid using stogy photos and overly complex seating price data. It’s a cornucopia of guidance and well worth your time.

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Simple Tips To Keep WordPress Fast

If you’re a WordPress user and your site is more than a few years old, there are a number of things you should be doing behind the scenes to keep everything running as fast as possible. Having said that, a good bit of it requires a certain level of technical skills but there are a few key things you can regardless your experience or knowledge. I published an article at ArtsHacker today with three of those low hanging fruit tips anyone can use, some of which are point and click simple.

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