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This Is The Musician You’ve Been Looking For

Hugh Sung is a classical pianist, techie, and author dedicated to helping folks discover the joy of making music. At the end of 2015, he launched A Musical Life podcast which includes interviews with the likes of Jennifer Higdon and David Kim but his most recent episode includes a 55 minute interview with Neo Classical author and Chattanooga Symphony & Opera concertmaster, Holly Mulcahy. The interview dives into areas of Mulcahy’s atypical 20+ year career path where she has been a pioneer in areas that ultimately became hot topics throughout the orchestra […]

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Examining The Groupmuse Business Model Part 2

In Part 1, we examined the revenue end of Groupmuse’s business plan but on the other side of the balance sheet are expenses and when it comes to live classical music, the dominant expense typically involves artistic labor costs. But this is where Groupmuse is different; simply put, they don’t pay the musicians at all for their house party events. Groupmuse’s primary service offering is organizing classical music house parties that feature live musicians, so the relationship between Groupmuse and its musicians is not unlike that within traditional classical music organizations in […]

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Examining The Groupmuse Business Model Part 1

In a field where business models are well defined, it’s always intriguing to see something new come along. One of the latest entries into that arena is Groupmuse, a for-profit business that facilitates house parties which feature classical musicians. Groupmuse founder, Sam Bodkin, launched the first of these events in January, 2013 and since then, the business has grown and received its fair share of positive press from mainstream outlets that include the CBS Nightly News, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. Those articles, and others, do an excellent job at […]

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Is US Domestic Economic Policy To Blame For Lower Corporate Sponsorships?

There’s a fascinating article by Phillip Longman in the 11/28/2015 edition of The Atlantic that examines the impact of increasingly relaxed US economic policies on per capita income. At more than 6,000 words, this is not a quick read but that doesn’t make it any less engaging and the part that intersects with the orchestra field is when the author begins examining the impact of cities after losing corporate headquarters in the wake of a merger. [Relaxed antitrust enforcement] has led to the effective colonization of many once-great American cities, as the […]

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What We’ve Got Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Chattanooga Symphony concertmaster Holly Mulcahy published an intriguing article on 7/8/2015 that takes an unfiltered look at why those in our field may be getting what they are asking for when lamenting that no one seems to care about orchestra music. The good news is that yes, people really do care but the other side of that coin is we aren’t doing nearly a good enough job at crafting our narrative to get them to that point. Mulchay’s post is, in turn, based on an article by Paul J. Zak, Ph.D, Director […]

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