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2014 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Introduction

Much like the 2013 reports, this year’s compensation reports are all about context. For instance, the data covers compensation for the 2011/12 season, which managed to increase the amount of already record breaking austerity driven conflict between stakeholders. Brush fires turned into firestorms but in a turn that might be best characterized as puzzling, average compensation for each stakeholder group increased, with increases among the executive class outpacing other stakeholders by more than 50 percent. Changes For The 2014 Reports Those who fail to adapt, die. That adage is taken to heart […]

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There’s a Downside To Success

Simply put, business is booming. Back in January I published an article about the growth going on within The Venture Platform segment of my business and since then, the rate of increase has only picked up; moreover, a similar uptick in non-tech related consulting work kicked in shortly after the New Year. The only downside to this is a reduced amount of time to dedicate toward some of the long standing annual segments here at Adaptistration. Consequently, I’m going to have to officially let the fields go fallow for 2014 on the […]

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2013 Compensation Reports: Concertmasters

Rounding out a year of increases in the 2010/11 season, the average concertmaster did see an uptick in compensation but at 0.87 percent, it pales in comparison to executives and music directors. Nonetheless, the season did witness an anomaly by way of a new all time high concertmaster annual compensation figure of $829,470; earned by Dallas Symphony concertmaster, Emanuel Borok, who retired after that season. The Data In order to provide information that is as accurate as possible, data from the 2010/11 season is gathered from the following sources: Adaptistration makes no […]

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2013 Compensation Reports: Music Directors

For the average music director, the 2010/11 season was a good year financially. Experiencing an average increase of 12.02 percent in compensation, conductors gained more than either executives or concertmasters; in fact, the average music director compensation reached an all time high of $480,037. Worth noting is the 2010/11 high earner, San Francisco Symphony’s music director Michael Tilson Thomas, experienced a staggering 33 percent increase in his compensation; although that still lags behind the heavy weight champion earner, Lorin Maazel who earned higher fees for each of his years with the New […]

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2013 Compensation Reports: Executives

By the onset of the 2010/11 season, the field was amidst the beginning of the worst austerity driven labor disputes for the last half century. Collective bargaining agreements were being reopened in order to incorporate concessions designed to forestall financial collapse and when stakeholders were unable to reach mutually agreeable terms, vitriolic public disputes erupted, oft accompanied by prolonged work stoppages. Nonetheless, the average orchestra executive experienced a 5.32 percent increase in compensation. The Data In order to provide information that is as accurate as possible, data from the 2010/11 season is […]

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