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What’s a Performing Arts Executive Worth?

I had the pleasure last week of recording a segment for’s Conducting Business program with host Jeff Spurgeon on the topic of executive compensation within the performing arts field. In addition to myself was Debra Oppenheim, the co-founder of Phillips Oppenheim, an executive search firm that specializes in arts institutions. It was a terrific […]

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Knowledge Is Power

One of the biggest requests during the Orchestra Compensation Reports is from readers who are interested in seeing more than a single season worth of data so as to build a more comprehensive frame of reference. I couldn’t agree more and that content is available exclusively via subscription at Adaptistration Premium. To that end, I’m […]

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2011 Compensation Reports: Summary

Although there’s no denying the tabloid nature surrounding salary reviews, that’s not what the annual Orchestra Compensation Reports are all about. Instead, one of the cornerstones is to get people thinking about accountability and to that end the data, in and of itself, tells no tales but it should generate some questions… For example, an […]

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2011 Compensation Reports: Concertmasters

The 2008/09 season was an odd year for concertmaster compensation. Changes to the IRS Form 990 practically decimated the number of concertmasters reported (more on that after the break) so determining an average increase/decrease is far from a precise science nor does it represent a comprehensive comparison to previous seasons. Nonetheless, based strictly on the […]

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2011 Compensation Reports: Music Directors

We all know that the 2008/09 season was the first to endure the brunt of the economic downturn but that doesn’t mean the average music director didn’t enjoy at least a small bump in compensation just under two percent. At the same time, compared to executives, and to a lesser degree base musician compensation, music […]

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2011 Compensation Reports: Executives

Although the 2008/09 season was the first to endure the economic downturn, the average orchestra executive didn’t experience an adverse impact on their compensation. In fact, the average compensation level increased 5.43 percent… WHAT’S NEW FOR THE 2011 REPORTS Thanks to the use of dynamic sorting tables, the 2001 Orchestra Compensation Reports can combine and […]

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2010 CM

2010 Compensation Reports: Concertmasters

The 2007/08 season was an odd year for concertmaster compensation. Although one individual shattered previous all time high records, it was due in most part to undisclosed terms related to contract buyout. At the same time, the second highest paid concertmaster still beat last year’s high by a few thousand dollars. Overall, the average concertmaster […]

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