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Kitten Pics Or News About Peter Gelb? It’s Your Choice.

There isn’t much that will distract me from blogging but adopting a 12-week old kitten is decidedly one of those exceptions to the rule. Consequently, you have two choices for today’s post… Door #1: Peter Gelb News For those of you who absolutely, positively must have a suitable culture blog topic, you should swing by two […]

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Can of Worms

Can. Of. Worms. (in a good way)

Yesterday’s post about entrepreneurship courses running the risk of becoming the Second Great Lie Of Academia generated a considerable amount of interest. I can’t recall the last time so many readers from such a diverse cross section took the time to reach out directly via email and private social media messages. Long story short, there’s […]

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Lessons From The Give Local America Day Kimbia SNAFU Are A Work In Progress

In the wake of events following the Give Local America Day calamity that saw the entire program grind to a halt at mid-day and leave thousands of donors and nonprofits stranded, there is no shortage of commentary. Details surrounding why the web based payment platform collapsed are scant and the online fundraising and crowdfunding platform […]

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Reinforcing The Ethical Significance Of Board Stewardship

For those of you following the tragic circumstances at Healing Arts Initiative (HAI), this weekend uncovered news that casts an even darker tone to the already tragic situation. If you are new to the details, HAI’s former bookkeeper, Kim Williams, allegedly orchestrated an attack against the organization’s executive director, Rev. D. Alexandra Dyer, that materialized […]

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The Latest In Nonprofit Crime

In what initially comes across as a sad copy-cat crime based on the Bolshoi Ballet scandal where in 2013, their artistic director was attacked by an assailant who threw acid in his face, the executive director at the Healing Arts Initiative (HAI) became the victim of a similar attack. Although both attacks were apparently initiated […]

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