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Major Conservatory Launches Revolutionary Scholarship Indemnity Program

The Juiliard Institute revealed what they defined as a “revolutionary approach to academic financial aid” today via a Scholarship Indemnity program. I was fortunate enough to be afforded an interview with the renowned school’s Dean prior to the announcement in order to learn more. At the beginning of 2014, the institution recognized that the bulk […]

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US Congresswoman Denigrates Military Bands And Musicians

Regular readers are already aware that the single largest US employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces. In addition to their critical role inside the US Armed Forces, their contributions to the cultural and artistic fabric of communities they are stationed are practically too large to measure. But that doesn’t seem […]

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Are You Looking For A Marketing Or Development Position?

I don’t typically point out job openings here at Adaptistration but today will be an exception to the rule thanks to an unusual set of circumstances that managed to produce not one, but two openings inside an organization for all the right reasons. In this instance, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) is looking for […]

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Getting In On The Super Bowl Action

It seems that culture organizations in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC are leveraging the Super Bowl match between their respective teams for increased media coverage. The Denver Center for Performing Arts bet the Blumenthal Performing Arts and Children’s Theater in Charlotte their team would win (h/t Thomas Cott) while the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Charlotte […]

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You’ve Cott Mail May Be Cutting Back, But It Isn’t Out Of The Game

Regular readers know that I’m a big, BIG, fan of Thomas Cott’s You’ve Cott Mail newsletter and Twitter feed which is why his announcement that he’ll be cutting back on the newsletter portion of his arts news empire came across as a bummer (emphasis added). After sending out these emails for nearly 20 years, I […]

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