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Acknowledging Courage

One of the most challenging aspects within the field of arts and culture is navigating the political landscape. Short of safe positions such as opposing funding cuts to arts and culture, adopting public positions on politically charged issues almost certainly produces outcomes that require enduring institutional pain. Consequently, it is worth noting when an organization decides to stake a political position and that’s exactly what happened this weekend at a regularly scheduled performance of the Broadway show “Hamilton.” In case you missed the firestorm, here’s a summary of what transpired: Vice President-elect […]

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Link Love Wednesday

The thought of writing an article for the day after the election seemed a bit overwhelming but it dawned on me that I haven’t posted any sort of formal link love style post in quite some time. Consequently, it is high time to rectify that oversight so here’s what has been catching my attention as of late. At Inside The Arts… If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Joe Patti just can’t write a bad blog post and as of late, they’ve been especially engaging. I especially enjoyed […]

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Bracing For Impact

Simply put, tomorrow’s election scares the living daylights out of me. But as President Obama says, ‘Don’t boo. Vote!’ and that’s precisely what I hope everyone plans on doing tomorrow, if you haven’t done so already. But in an effort to keep the anxiety at bay, I decided to occupy my mind with mindless, but useful, webmaster tasks such as database optimization and making data driven user experience changes to the blog’s layout. To that end, you’ll notice a trimmer navigation menu (the top and main nav bars have been consolidated into […]

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Arts And The Election

Yes, the third presidential debate was held last night. No, we aren’t discussing it here. Instead, let’s take a moment to examine American’s for the Arts’ (A4A) ArtsVote2016 resource center. Once you get past the user interface, the A4A’s resource is an entirely useful resource when it comes to determining which candidates you opt to support based on their record and position related to the arts and arts education. As a bonus, if you prefer having zero interactive and dynamic web based content with an intuitive user navigation and instead prefer lots […]

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Let’s Talk About New Music In Chicago

I’ll own up to some hometown prejudice today by giving a shout-out to Chicago’s Ear Taxi new music festival, running from Oct 5 through Oct 10. More to the point, I want to highlight a series of articles that have been going up at (NMBx). First up, read NMBx’s very own Frank J. Oteri’s Why The 21st Century Is The Most Exciting Time For Music and follow that with Made In Chicago: Original Sound, Original Voice from his NMBx colleague Molly Sheridan. Next up are guest author submissions from key figures […]

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