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Adaptistration People 023

Are You Looking For A Marketing Or Development Position?

I don’t typically point out job openings here at Adaptistration but today will be an exception to the rule thanks to an unusual set of circumstances that managed to produce not one, but two openings inside an organization for all the right reasons. In this instance, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) is looking for […]

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Adaptistration People 165

Getting In On The Super Bowl Action

It seems that culture organizations in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC are leveraging the Super Bowl match between their respective teams for increased media coverage. The Denver Center for Performing Arts bet the Blumenthal Performing Arts and Children’s Theater in Charlotte their team would win (h/t Thomas Cott) while the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Charlotte […]

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You’ve Cott Mail May Be Cutting Back, But It Isn’t Out Of The Game

Regular readers know that I’m a big, BIG, fan of Thomas Cott’s You’ve Cott Mail newsletter and Twitter feed which is why his announcement that he’ll be cutting back on the newsletter portion of his arts news empire came across as a bummer (emphasis added). After sending out these emails for nearly 20 years, I […]

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Old Navy Fail

What A Way To End 2015: Old Navy Dissuades Children From A Career In The Arts

Apparently, some among the decider ranks within clothing retailer Old Navy don’t think very much of a career in the arts, as evidenced by a children’s t-shirt they are selling that displays the slogan “YOUNG ASPIRING ARTIST.” in big, bold Serif font but the word “ARTIST” is scratched out and the career choice of either […]

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Adaptistration Guy Force Awakens

Why Yes, I Am Excited About The New Star Wars Movie

Although I won’t likely get an opportunity to see the Star Wars: The Force Awakens until next week, it is difficult not to get caught up in the excitement especially when friends and colleagues who work in the LA studio scene have been posting photos on Facebook from the recording sessions (so…many…selfies…with…JJ). Am I jealous? […]

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So You Want Nonprofits To Act More Like For Profits?

The always sharp Vu Le posted another entertaining article over at Nonprofit With Balls where he bastes the well-worn topic of nonprofits being told to act more like for profits in his unique brand of sharp-tongued marinade. Le’s post articulates what most arts admins think in the back of their mind when being lectured by […]

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