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Let’s Talk About New Music In Chicago

I’ll own up to some hometown prejudice today by giving a shout-out to Chicago’s Ear Taxi new music festival, running from Oct 5 through Oct 10. More to the point, I want to highlight a series of articles that have been going up at (NMBx). First up, read NMBx’s very own Frank J. Oteri’s Why The 21st Century Is The Most Exciting Time For Music and follow that with Made In Chicago: Original Sound, Original Voice from his NMBx colleague Molly Sheridan. Next up are guest author submissions from key figures […]

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Some Good News On Efforts To Save Military Music

It’s time for another update on current efforts to help block a proposed funding amendment in the 2017 Defense Appropriations bill designed to gut military music programs. If you’ve been keeping up with what has been going on, you already know that the latest step in the process was to get the amendment removed from the Senate version of the bill (if this is new to you, start here to get up to speed). The good news is the US Senate has removed the entire amendment from their version of the bill via their Armed […]

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Is Global Warming Something Orchestras Have To Worry About?

The 9/3/2016 edition of the New York Times (NYT) published an article by Justin Gillis that reports on the initial stages of coastal flooding resulting from global warming. Normally, this isn’t the usual sort of thing one might associate with the orchestra field; then again, times are far from “normal.” The detailed article examines severe flooding in several cities but one that caught my eye was Norfolk, VA, home to the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO). The VSO has had its share of financial challenges over the past decade but when juxtaposed with […]

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NYTimes Sends Regional Arts Coverage Gently Into That Goodnight

The 8/31/2016 edition of published an article by Jeremy Gerard that reports the New York Times (NYT) has phased our regional arts and culture coverage in the New York tristate region. The opening paragraph packs a powerful punch by underscoring the likely negative outcomes. The New York Times this week quietly ended its coverage of restaurants, art galleries, theaters and other commercial and nonprofit businesses in the tri-state region, laying off dozens of longtime contributors and prompting protests from many of the institutions that will be affected. They foresee an impact not only on […]

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Music And Nature

American Public Media’s (APM) Performance Today with Fred Child is publishing an episode today that commemorates 100th birthday (today!) of the National Parks system. It’s tough to miss the similarities between the APM and National Park missions even though one focuses on facilitating nature while the other focuses on art and culture. As part of the celebration, the entire show packed up and headed out to the Grand Teton National Park where they connected with a number of musicians from the Grand Teton Music Festival. Having heard about the program from those […]

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