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Sick Day

Just a quick post today to link over to a terrific post from Joe Patti about minimalism and presentations. Being a dedicated believer in the adage (meme?) “every time you use a bullet point in a presentation, god kills a kitten” I can wholeheartedly recommend that this is good reading.  

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Adaptistration People 119

What Would You Put In A Letter To Santa?

Dear Santa, You’re a busy guy so we’ll keep this tight: #alliwantforchristmas. As a consultant… A digital assistant that doesn’t make me want to punch Siri, I mean her, I mean IT in the virtual face. A reliable and easy way to hook a vintage rotary phone up to Comcast VoIP service along with a […]

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Adaptistration People 131

What’s Going On In Dallas?

I’ve been out of the country for the last few days and therefore didn’t get a chance to read Michael Granberry’s article in the 11/29/2014 edition of the Dallas Morning News about the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) musicians expressing considerable concern over what is perhaps best characterized as a hostile work environment thanks to music […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone will have the time today to enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you have a bit of extra time today, swing by Adaptistration Jobs and for all of our non-US readers: get back to work! (but not too hard)  ;)

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A photo of Jim  c.1962  from an article in the Univ. Of Richmond newspaper announcing his year sabbatical to study  at Harvard as a Danforth grant recipient.

A Sad Day: James Erb Has Died

James (Jim) Erb, founder of the Richmond Symphony Chorus and well known for choral arrangements, passed away on 11/11/14 at the age of 88. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed his path and enjoy some one on one time with him over the course of a several years when my wife, Chattanooga Symphony and […]

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A Belated Veterans Day Post

In the enthusiasm to blog about yesterday’s Net Neutrality news I completely forgot to post something for Veterans Day but better late than never; to that end, take a moment to remember that the single largest employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces. So set aside some time today to learn […]

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Adaptistration People 131

Curious About How The Elections Will Impact The Arts?

The more things change, the more they stay the same, or so the adage from Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr goes but Americans for the Art has you covered if you’re curious about whether or not Tuesday’s elections will be good, bad, or indifferent for the arts. They published a news release on 11/5/2014 which contained the […]

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