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Kudos To

Recently, (SN); the new music and music news podcast, tweeted they just wrapped up recording their 200th episode and since this seems to be a week of acknowledging milestones, I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize all of their work and how much value they contribute to culture blogging. We just recorded episode […]

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Day Off

Day Off

It is rare to take a day off but today is a special exception thanks to spending an entire day building up to my wife, violinist Holly Mulcahy, performing Jennifer Higdon’s Violin Concerto with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera.  It was a fantastic performance with the orcheatra and music director Kayoko Dan rising to the […]

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How Are You Celebrating Women’s History Month?

ArtsHacker Sarah Marczynski published an article yesterday drawing attention to March being Women’s History Month and how it impacts the fieldas a whole. It’s an excellent post and all things being equal, there will be a few additional entries at ArtsHacker on that topic. Marczynski’s post made me wonder what else is going on throughout the field […]

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There Are Firsts And Then There Are Firsts

News is aflutter now about the Minnesota Orchestra heading to Cuba to be the first US orchestra to perform there since President Obama took steps to normalize relations between the countries in December 2014. That last part is emphasized because the more this news makes the rounds, the more that point gets glossed over; so […]

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Place Your Bets

At the rate music directors at big budget orchestras are leaving, we might as well begin a betting pool. First Alan Gilbert in New York and now Christoph Eschenbach is leaving his position at the National Symphony Orchestra at the end of the 216/17 season. The official Kennedy Center press release has the relevant details although […]

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What Does A Concerto Taste Like?

Usually, stories that begin with “well, we were drinking…” turn out to have something other than a happy ending but a recent article published by Holly Mulcahy on 2/11/2015 at Neo Classical proves to be an exception to the rule. Mulcahy has been chronicling a series of events leading up to her upcoming performance of Jennifer […]

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Best Classical Music Blog?

Forte, a sheet music notation software company, has decided to hold a “Best Classical Music Website” contest through March 1, 2015 and the winning outlet will apparently be awarded with 3 licenses of their Forte6 (one each of Home, Basic, and Pro versions) software to be given to readers who participated in the contest poll. […]

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