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And Then That Happened

I’m away at the 2016 @ArtsMidwest conference today but want to quickly point out two items of notes related to substitute parity (paying substitute musicians an equal per-service rate as their salary based colleagues). Regular readers know the topic of equal pay for equal work among orchestra musicians is a popular topic and one ongoing curiosity throughout those articles is a complete reticence by spokespersons from orchestra player associations, player conferences, and local and national union leaders to even acknowledge questions on the topic. Consequently, it was a surprise to see the […]

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Minnesota Orchestra Musicians Donate $250k To Association. No Funds Earmarked For Eliminating Substitute Pay Disparity.

The lovefest that is labor relations between the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra (MOMO) crossed a new threshold last week with the announcement that the musicians decided to donate $250,000 in restricted use funds to the MOA for the purpose of establishing The Bellwether Fund, a new program designed to underwrite education and community programming via activity that includes previous musician run initiatives outside the auspices of the MOA. According to a musician press release, The Bellwether Fund will be overseen by musicians but planning and […]

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Dallas Ratifies A Two Year Agreement, Maintains Substitute Parity

The latest group to settle from our list of mid to large budget orchestras with expired agreements is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO). Their two-year agreement contains three percent increases in base musician wages in each year along with a one-time $750 payment to each musician at the onset of the agreement’s term. And like a number of other professional orchestras, the DSO will launch a joint musician/board/staff task force to explore options for ongoing health benefits, however, the task force is only responsible for providing recommendations as opposed to enacting any […]

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ICSOM’s Conference Sidesteps Equal Pay For Equal Work And Substitute Parity

Toward the end of summer, the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM), a players’ conference within the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) that represents over 4,000 regularly employed orchestra musicians from 52 professional US orchestras, holds its annual conference and this year’s event is in Philadelphia from 8/26/15 through 8/29/15. Traditionally, ICSOM conferences are a way for representatives from each member orchestra to deliver internal reports, conduct a number of educational and training sessions/presentations, and ratify resolutions for internal governance and broader AFM related matters. According to the most recent conference […]

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Minnesota Musicians Ratify Substitute Pay Disparity Through 2020

On 5/19/2015, the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra (MOMA) ratified a 3.5 year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with their employer, the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA). The new agreement begins 2/1/2017 and expires on 8/31/2020; at the beginning of the 2019/20 season, the base musician annual salary with electronic music guarantee (EMG) will by $110,604 and the number of salaried musicians will increase to 94 (although the CBA continues to define the orchestra size as 98). This is a healthy set of improvements and by the end of the new agreement, brings salaried […]

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