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Enough Already!

If you’ve been away for the past week you may have missed the hoopla surrounding the YouTube video of Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s (SSO) performing Baby Got Back with Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot. The video has racked up nearly two million hits on YouTube as well as a great deal criticism and praise and it’s that […]

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Mastering The Black Art Of Reading 990s

The Iron Tongue of Midnight’s Lisa Hirsh is not the least bit pleased with the slipshod state of extracting data from IRS Form 990s (the form used by nonprofits to file annual financial returns). The most recent transgression that raised her hackles came from an article in the 4/12/14 edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune […]

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Will Henson Stay Or Will He Go?

There has been no shortage of speculation on whether or not Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) President Michael Henson will remain as the orchestra’s executive administrator in the wake of what is arguably the field’s most acrimonious work stoppage. There are no shortage of voices calling for his removal, including former MOA music director Osmo Vanska; […]

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As If There Weren’t Enough Problems Already

A colleague of mine posted a picture of a frozen rat on a Chicago city sidewalk via his Facebook wall yesterday with the caption “Even the rats are suffering, folks. Even the rats. #PolarVortex” and on the same day, one of my clients in Florida sent an email noting that there was a 93 degree […]

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CSO Kayoko Dan Locks Of Love Donation

How Cool Is This?

Now this is something you genuinely don’t see every day; Kayoko Dan, Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) Music Director, is donating her hair (no, that’s not a typo) to Locks of Love and will let CSO patrons select her post-cut hair style. According to the CSO Facebook page, Dan donates her hair every two years […]

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Minnesota Patron Stakeholder Group Gets Aggressive

On 11/20/2013, the Minneapolis based patron stakeholder group, Save Our Symphony Minnesota (SOSMN) gave a public presentation titled The MOA [Minnesota Orchestra Association] Debacle: Unlocking The Truth where they levied a host of allegations against the MOA board and executive leadership including, but not limited to: cooking the books, deliberately misusing endowment funds, and intentionally […]

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Scanning The Dial Gets A New Co-Author

A bit of promotional cross-pollination today in that I’m very pleased to report that Scanning The Dial introduced a new co-author this week: Emily Kurlinski. Emily lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps radio and music in Chattanooga, TN and she joins veteran classical music radio blogger Marty Ronish as the third co-author since the blog was […]

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