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Steven Brubaker

Cellist Steven Brubaker Still Missing

It has been two weeks since Tucson Symphony Orchestra cellist Steven Brubaker went missing and to date, there has been no new information in the case. According to the Tucson Police Department, Brubaker, 54, was last seen Thursday, May 28th, 2015 in the area of his residence. Brubaker missed a rehearsal, and a performance over […]

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Pachyderms In Enclosed Spaces

One of the latest contributions to Thomas Cott’s always sharp You’ve Cott Mail newsletter features a trio of posts examining the value of addressing pachyderms in enclosed spaces. There’s a particularly intriguing contribution from Rebecca Atkinson-Lord via The Guardian’s [UK] Theatre Blog where the author considers the positive potential of increased transparency and a culture […]

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Rise Of The Millennials

Although I typically let a reader segmentation survey go a good fortnight before compiling data, the first day’s results were fascinating enough that it seemed worthwhile to share some of it today, one trend in particular worth noting is Millennial readers are on the rise and in a big way. Of the nearly 100 readers […]

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Adaptistration Turns Eleven

Today marks Adaptistration’s eleventh anniversary and although it sounds like a bit of a broken record, it has been a stellar year for the entire Adaptistration Network and in keeping with tradition, it is time to review how the year unfolded along with looking at where we’re headed. Metrics 65+ demographic is fastest growing age […]

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Is It Time To Bust Up The Season?

Joe Patti just keeps you thinking and his post from 10/8/2014 was no exception in that he considers the value in breaking season announcements up into two thresholds. For the orchestra field, it makes an increasingly strong case for groups that take three or more weeks off between events around the New Year and once […]

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Atlanta Musicians Offer Last Minute Counter Proposal

There are mixed reports in mainstream media about a revised counter-proposal from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players’ Association (ASOPA) eleventh hour counterproposal to their employer’s 10/27/2014 4:00pm ET deadline to accept an offer that contained a clause guaranteeing management the right to set the number of full time musicians as they see fit as opposed […]

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Dear God, Another Calamity!

Not really, that’s just a headline to suck you in (although my apologies to any group coincidentally experiencing a calamity today) and that’s exactly what happened last week when I published the exact same article on 7/23 and 7/24 albeit different headlines. The article on 7/23 featured a very descriptive headline with a constructive slant, […]

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Always Leave Them Wanting More

She may be on the way out to run the Kennedy Center for the Arts but Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) President Deborah Rutter certainly knows how to leave them wanting more. The organization announced they had secured the two largest gifts in their history during a 6/12/2014 board meeting. The 6/12/2014 edition of the Chicago […]

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