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Tax (Prep) Day

After spending the last few days compiling all of my records to send off to the accountant, it seems fitting to focus today’s post on some finance related resources. All of these links point to finance-focused posts written by Joe Patti and available at Understanding Non-Profit Financial Statements How Financial Statements Are Born Deeper Dive Into Full Costs Incurred By An Organization Never Accept The Treasurer’s Report Your Small Non-Profit Needs D&O Insurance Too

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Wage Rules And Salary History

Vu Le is one of the most consistent culture bloggers around today but it is particularly enjoyable when he takes on some of the most sacred of cows inside nonprofit management. His post from 8/15/2016 about the myriad of problems related to requiring job applicants to list salary history is exactly the sort of thing the field as a whole needs to hear (over and over again until the practice is gone for good). Le’s post examines all of the relevant point behind why the practice is not only hurtful to employees […]

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The Latest Baby Step Toward Open Source 990 Data

Back in June, 2015 we examined a Federal court case that ultimately produced a ruling which got the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on board the open source data train. One year later and those efforts are beginning to yield some results. published a blog post on 6/16/2016 with details about where the IRS is in the process and how they are providing access to the data. They underscore that while this is decidedly a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go before we’ll see something […]

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Tax Day

I spent the weekend preparing taxes so no new post today, however, it seems fitting to point over to a finance related resource. To that end, Samantha Teter authored a wonderfully useful post on 2/29/2016 at ArtsHacker titled Financial Resources For New Executives that’s absolutely worth your time. It’s filled with plenty of useful resources but there’s added value via Teter’s perspective serving as her organization’s Interim Executive Director for the past several months.

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Unraveling The Mystery Of Paid Vacation Weeks

A few weeks ago during one of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra negotiation articles, I indicated that we would take some time to examine a topic we’ve never studied before: vacation time. Although vacation time seems like a fairly straightforward item to those outside the field, there’s actually quite a bit more going on under the surface. Necessary Perspective Like many issues within the field, this one doesn’t unfold the same way across the variety of season length thresholds nor is it consistent between union employees (musicians) and non-union employees (administrative staff). […]

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