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Why Do Orchestras Carry Different Health Plans For Musician And Admin Employees?

Yesterday’s post, Channeling Your Rage Over Health Care Costs, produced some fascinating discussion by way of social media and one topic in particular that emerged was the conflict created by an orchestral employer offering one level of health care to musicians and something entirely different to administrative employees, the latter of which is typically comprised of two tiers: “executives” (top tier employees) and “staffers” (entry to middle tier employees). After some internal research, it appears that we’ve never examined this topic over the past 12 years so it’s high time to correct […]

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Channeling Your Rage Over Health Care Costs

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position where you don’t have to directly manage your health care, you probably haven’t noticed the flood of ire spilling out across the country in the wake of health insurance providers rolling out their costs for 2015 plans. For most, you’re fortunate if premiums are only going up in the low double digits alongside doubled and tripled deductibles and other reductions in coverage all while most of those same providers are earning record profits. It’s certainly enough to make you want to punch the […]

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My Experiences With HealthCare.Gov

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last several months, you’re likely aware that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) launch was a clusterfuck of gargantuan scale. That sort of language isn’t common here and it is used now to reinforce just how wretched of an experience it has been interacting with the ACA’s primary point of contact known as Nonetheless, after months of trying I was finally able to not only create an account but move through the entire enrollment process. Having said that, the process is still far from […]

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Some Thoughts On Healthcare Costs And Orchestras

In the wake of a Facebook rant on the increase my healthcare insurance provider proposed this year, just north of 20 percent, a few colleagues wrote to ask my opinion on whether or not the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have any impact on small to mid size budget orchestras. I can’t claim to be an ACA expert and I would be surprised if anyone would be able to provide a reliable answer, but for most small budget orchestras, it seems that the ACA will have marginal impact. The only exception here […]

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