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Finding The Perfect Non-Monetary Workplace Perk

One of the mainstays of my traditional consulting work is negotiating individual work agreements; for managers, this usually focuses on executive employment agreements and for musicians, individual overscale agreements and one of the first aspects of that work is to identify non-monetary perks that have variable degrees of value for the client. More often than […]

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More On The Value Of Happiness

Workplace satisfaction is an important topic here if for no other reason than it is one of the most common areas where the field refuses to address its collective shortcomings. But I’ll let you in on a secret: the first groups to genuinely embrace the notion of creating and, perhaps more importantly, quantifying internal value […]

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Show A Development Pro Some Love

There’s a wonderful post from Joe Patti over at Butts In The Seats titled Info You Can Use: Development Directors Need Love Too that examines the dangerously high levels of career unhappiness among development professionals. We examined the very same topic here back on 1/22/2013 and it’s good to see other folks picking up on […]

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Fixing Industrial Strength Unhappiness

There’s a terrific, if not sobering, report in the 1/13/2013 edition of The Chronicle of Philanthropy by Jennifer C. Berkshire (h/t Thomas Cott) which reports that more than half of VP level Development professionals would like to quit. One in four nonprofit leaders is so disappointed in fundraising at his or her organization that the […]

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Now’s Your Chance To Get Happy

Following up on the article from 11/20/2012 about the potential for improving workplace satisfaction by way of a service called TINYpulse, I entered into a productive conversation with TINYpulse founder David Niu and the two of us have concocted what I believe is the first project in our field solely dedicated to improving workplace satisfaction. […]

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A Simple Solution For Improving Workplace Satisfaction

Workplace satisfaction, and the lack of attention it receives in the orchestra field, is an ongoing topic here at Adaptistration and when attempting to convince orchestras vis-a-vis my consulting work of the benefits from investing in meaningful workplace satisfaction efforts, one of the very real hurdles is time. Fortunately, there’s a new solution that could […]

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I Bet My Great Is Better Than Your Great

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published an article on 6/17/2012 by Zachary Lewis that dives head first into one of the most subjective, and uncomfortable, topics for many contemporary big budget orchestras: what makes an orchestra “great,” or “world class” if you prefer PR friendly verbiage. Either way, it comes down to identifying, defining, and (the […]

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