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Survey: How Did Changing Jobs Work Out For You?

It is no secret that attrition and job turnover has plagued this field for decades. There are a host of reasons why that’s the case, but this article isn’t about that topic; instead, let’s learn more about what influenced the decision to change jobs and how satisfied they are with the change. Please note, this […]

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Workplace Satisfaction Among Opera Organizations

As promised at the conclusion of yesterday’s post examining workplace satisfaction among symphony orchestra institutions, today’s installment will take a look at opera employers. #Winning #Again Although there wasn’t as large of an uptick in opera organizations as compared to their symphonic orchestra peers, the number of groups with at least one review within the […]

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Checking In With The Movement To Improve Workplace Satisfaction

That last time we examined the value of improving workplace satisfaction within the orchestra field via grassroots efforts, we saw some improvement. Six months later, it is time to see where things are related to your efforts on increasing the quantity and frequency of reviews from arts administrators and staffers about their respective institutions at […]

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NEWS FLASH (not really): Orchestra Musician Job Satisfaction Low (but you knew that)

There’s an intriguing article making the rounds from the 4/9/2016 edition of The Guardian. As part of their “What I’m really thinking…” series, the article was written by an anonymous orchestra musician who paints a remarkably bleak picture of what it is to be a professional orchestra musician. Granted, some of the pressures described in […]

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Only You Can Affect Real Change In Workplace Satisfaction

Regular readers know that the topic of Workplace Satisfaction is one of the more popular here at Adaptistration and even though it continues to remain firmly swept under the rug for the field as a whole, that doesn’t mean we’re without options to begin taking some measurements. To that end, serves as a useful […]

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Labor Unrest Continues To Impact Retention

There’s a fascinating article in the 1/22/2015 edition of by Mark Gresham featuring an interview with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) new Principal Bassoon, Keith Buncke. Prior to winning the CSO audition, Buncke served in the same position with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and when asked about that organization’s recent lockout and history […]

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Finding The Perfect Non-Monetary Workplace Perk

One of the mainstays of my traditional consulting work is negotiating individual work agreements; for managers, this usually focuses on executive employment agreements and for musicians, individual overscale agreements and one of the first aspects of that work is to identify non-monetary perks that have variable degrees of value for the client. More often than […]

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More On The Value Of Happiness

Workplace satisfaction is an important topic here if for no other reason than it is one of the most common areas where the field refuses to address its collective shortcomings. But I’ll let you in on a secret: the first groups to genuinely embrace the notion of creating and, perhaps more importantly, quantifying internal value […]

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