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You Mean I Can Get Paid To Be On Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram?

There have been several interesting listings posted at Adaptistration Jobs recently and one that stands out is a full-time position (with benefits!) for a Social Media Coordinator at Town Hall Seattle. It’s good to see arts organizations not only but embrace these positions as an integral part of successful marketing performance. In full disclosure mode, Town Hall Seattle is a client of mine but I can say with no reservations everyone I work with there is a delight. They provide their community with a unique mix of civic, arts, and educational programs. […]

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Are You Subscribed To Adaptistration’s Per Post Email Notices? If So, You May Need To Resubscribe

You know what they say about best-laid plans and even though Adaptistration has relied on WordPress to deliver its per-article email notifications for the last several years, some recent changes in how they manage that process makes it a less reliable option. More importantly, it seems that they’ve “temporarily” misplaced the blog’s existing subscription list. So while they are trying to find out what happened to it, anyone who was previously subscribed should take a quick moment to opt for the better-safe-than-sorry choice and resubscribe. And no worries about any potential for […]

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Who’s Your Audience? Turns One

One year ago, Inside The Art’s latest blog was launched and since then, Who’s Your Audience? has been a big hit with readers. I had a feeling the blog’s author, Douglas Rosenthal, would be someone readers connect with. Instantaneously charming, his personality rises above typical descriptions such as passionate and enthusiastic. Consequently, he’s an ideal voice to provide an outlet that not only allows him to speak his mind, but share what he describes as delighting in the pursuit of deeper understanding. I know he has big things in store for year two but in the meantime, […]

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Hope & Love

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to spend a holiday Monday, I highly recommend reading the latest installment in a series of articles from Chattanooga Symphony & Opera concertmaster Holly Mulcahy about a program she started to bring classical music into a prison. She wanted to see if the music could heal, change lives, and inspire; to that end, the latest article goes a long way toward demonstrating the inherent value of classical music and its potential as a positive and relevant tool to make better communities. What Prisoners Taught Me […]

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non divisi On Hiatus

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) concertmaster, Frank Almond, was one of the first new voices introduced at via his blog, non divisi. His very first post was from January 7, 2008 and since then, he has been a bold voice when examining difficult issues and providing unique insights from a stakeholder role that often treads a razor thin line. Yesterday, Frank announced that he was putting the blog on indefinite hiatus and although we’re all sad to see him step back, we’re equally fortunate to have him be a part of our […]

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