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Three Big Mistakes To Avoid When Negotiating Overscale

Part of my traditional consulting includes providing direct negotiation services and/or providing negotiation counsel and support for musicians, executives, music directors, and boards seeking to create or amend an individual work agreement. For musicians, these are colloquially known as overscale contracts and among those three stakeholders, it isn’t unusual to see a musician inadvertently limit his/her potential earnings due to falling victim to one or more of these three common bear traps. 1) Thinking The Best Time To Negotiate Is When You Receive Tenure This is perhaps the most common mistake and […]

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New Orchestra Consulting

Time To Spruce Things Up A Bit

It may only be Wednesday but it has been a busy week for new and updated web work. Regular readers already know that ArtsHacker launched on Monday (and has been doing gangbuster traffic!) but there was a good bit of overtime for big updates at both and features a new grid style layout for the homepage, a new header graphic, a new logo, and an ultra zen nav toggle that completely replaces the traditional navigation bar. The latter bit of functionality is pretty fun and is one of the […]

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It isn’t often that I get to talk about some of my more clandestine projects but today is a happy exception; in particular, this project covered the trio of days I was away earlier this month in New York City. And now that Opera America (OA) has announced their Building Opera Audiences Grants recipients, it is safe to mention that I had the honor of serving on the grant panel. Without a doubt, this was one of the most fulfilling grant panels I’ve had the pleasure to participate; the entire process from […]

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Luckily I asked for it shaken

Luckily I asked for it shaken*

I’m off to Germany for some James Bond style client work today and won’t be back until Saturday. Although there are plenty of new articles ready to go over the next few days, my travel schedule prohibits the sort of Johnny-on-the-spot coverage you’re used to when something big develops in the Season of Discontent. (more…)

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Enough Of What I Think, What’s Your Opinion?

The ubiquitous standing ovation. Just about every orchestra musician that blogs has written about this topic at one point or another and most share a common thread; audience response to a lackluster performance with a standing ovation can have an unintentional demoralizing impact. During the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (MO) board retreat last week, we talked about how the organization can develop its interaction with the audience and this topic popped up. But instead of warming up stale conversation leftovers, the organization’s board president, John Simmons, offered an intriguing personal encounter that is […]

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