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Forget Walking A Mile In Their Shoes, Try A Stream Of New Concertgoer Inner Monologue

There’s an entertaining and thought-provoking article in the 1/7/2017 edition of The New Yorker by Kirk J. Rudell that provides an exclusive broadcast of his inner monologue as a first-time concertgoer. There is no shortage of amusing entries in his attendee stream of consciousness but the entire exercise reminded me of a Take A Friend To the Orchestra project from 2005 that featured taking a first timer concertgoer to his first event then talk through the experience the next day live on the radio. The idea was the brainchild of WNYC’s John […]

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Don’t Ask Me How I’m Doing If You Don’t Really Care

I’m going to steal something today from Joe Patti; specifically, his post from 1/3/2017 where he shares some insights from serving on the evaluation panel from ArtsHacker’s Most Creative People In Arts Administration. In his post, Patti dives into the deep end of one submission that ultimately tied for top honor: Aubrey Bergauer’s blog at California Symphony. One of the posts that struck Patti is one that caught my attention as well but I promptly forgot to reference it in my post about the recipients from 12/30/2016. I’ll let you gather the real […]

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How Inviting Is Your Organization?

From 6/10/16 through 6/12/2016, Chicago was home to the America’s Cup series. Since the races took place right next to my condo building and it was the first time in 165 years the series was held on a fresh water course, it was exciting to walk down Navy Pier each evening and watch the preparations, feel the excitement grow, and ultimately watch the races. Having said that, I approached the series knowing nothing about the America’s Cup other than it was a sailing competition so the prospect of learning more only increased […]

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Are You Experimenting With Personal Live Streaming Yet?

The live streaming provider wars have begun and the struggle to gain market dominance between Twitter owned Periscope and indie hit Meerkat is well under way. Playing out under all of this drama is the latest step in arts marketer evolution: just what the hell are we supposed to do with these platforms anyway?!? Tech journals are already profiling the benefits of tapping into the personal live streaming environment but not unlike other disconnects between mainstream commercial marketing and niche based arts marketing, the angle needed to turn personal live streaming into […]

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Pittsburgh Strikes Back. At Themselves.

On 3/15/2015, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Elizabeth Bloom reporting on a $100,000 marketing study that uncovered audience development woes at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). On 3/19/2015, the chairs from the orchestra’s board and musicians’ committee (Dick Simmons and Micah Howard, respectively) co-authored an op-ed piece that takes issue with the article and, rather surprisingly, their own marketing study. If you find yourself reading through the post a few times, don’t be alarmed as it is just about the most puzzling response to public criticism I’ve seen in the past […]

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