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Adaptistration People 093

Is Your Group Keeping Up With Digital Marketing Trends?

Capacity Interactive (CI) recently published their fourth annual Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study (h/t Thomas Cott) and some of their findings are worth noticing. Moreover, everything covered in the report is covered in one or more how-to articles at Here are some shortcuts to help you drill down into what’s important. Last but not least, there’s even an article about digital advertising for arts organizations written by some guy who apparently knows what he’s talking about.

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Sometimes, You Just Need A Reminder

The other week, my wife asked “why don’t you have more friends than you do on Facebook?” Granted, this question came from someone with 4,600+ friends, 1,000+ followers, and 1,200+ in her friend request queue (the latter isn’t far behind my total friend count), so any meaningful reply warranted some forethought. After some internal monologue deliberating pros and cons, I opened my mouth to reply but realized there wasn’t anything to say and retreated to the safety of a shoulder shrug. Simply put, it wasn’t something I’ve thought about in some time […]

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Social Media Response Guide

Speaking Of Social Media Damage Control…

In a timely coincidence with the recent Toronto Symphony / Valentina Lisitsa social media equivalent of Godzilla vs. Mothra, ArtsHacker Phil Paschke published an article on 4/12/15 that includes a social media response flow chart by Jonathan Michael at that should not only be a mobile device shortcut but printed out, framed, and sitting on the desk of anyone in this field tasked with managing their institution’s social media profiles. It’s such a good resource it should inspire envy for nothing thinking of it first.

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Join Me Today On Twitter For Audience Relations

I’ll be taking part in a Twitter chat today about Orchestra Management and Audience Relations; especially during difficult periods such as contentious labor disputes. The Twitter chats are the brainchild of Shoshana Fanizza, from Audience Development Specialists, and feature a variety of specialists throughout the field to talk about specific topics related to…wait for it…audience development.

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Social Media Fail

In the rush to engage and reach out to new audiences, it can be all too easy to forget that one of the overriding goals is to get people to concerts; which means all of the followers, fans, likes and shares in the world aren’t worth much if they don’t help sell tickets. The last thing an arts group needs is to fall victim to the metrics syndrome where you spend more time compiling stats than tracking conversion and performance. And nothing drives this home quite as well as humor. (more…)

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