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How Much Did That Meeting (Or Rehearsal Error) Really Cost?

In 2007, I published an article with this very title so as to highlight a handy online tool designed to calculate the cost of meetings. Unfortunately, that tool faded away over time but something new from Harvard Business Review (HBR) has more than filled that void. HBR’s Meeting Cost Calculator is a wonderfully simple and effective tool to help calculate the labor costs related with meetings. I published an article at ArtsHacker that includes step by step instructions on how to use the tool but you can easily expand on that administration […]

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Does Your City Have An Artist-Only Hotel?

There’s a new hotel in London that’s garnering its fair share of press in that it offers affordable rooms and caters exclusively toward visiting artists (fine arts, music, theater, dance, etc.). Green Rooms is a 20 room not-for-profit hotel with adjoining space geared to artist needs (think rehearsal space, practice rooms, etc.) and the real kicker is the subsidized price means rooms begin at US$26 per night. Arts districts, which often offer tax incentives and special zoning for artist residences and businesses, certainly aren’t a new concept but something like a dedicated […]

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Improving The Musician Audition Process

Before we dive too far into this rabbit hole of a topic, we should confirm that the apply-audition-award method that is the typical professional US orchestra process is perhaps best described as the “best bad option available.” This isn’t a post about reinventing the wheel, rather, it’s about looking under a few rocks to shed some transparency on an otherwise murky topic. For whatever reason, my inbox has been flooded as of late with a small deluge of messages from various stakeholders pointing out problems at one recent audition or another. In […]

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When It Comes To Event Liability Insurance, Forewarned Is Forearmed

One of the most common questions I get from cultural entrepreneurs looking to start up a chamber group or related artistic effort is why they need event liability insurance (assuming they know about event liability insurance to begin with). “Doesn’t the venue cover that?” They can, but most require renters to provide proof of insurance, but the good news here is obtaining event insurance isn’t as daunting a task as it may seem. Joe Patti made this task even easier thanks to an article he published today at that dives into […]

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Automate Your Audition Scheduling

Not long ago, I began offering Venture Platform users a reservation function via our e-commerce platform that also serves as an ideal tool for arts orgs to use for automating much of the audition scheduling process (including notifications, confirmations, and even changes). Even though it’s designed as an e-commerce function, it can be used in a non-transactional way or even gathering payment info but not processing a charge, which is handy for a group to shed itself of old-school deposit check practices. Converting to an online system that allows audition candidates to […]

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