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Where Do You Think Things Are Headed For The Arts During A Trump Presidency?

The 11/23/2016 edition of the Washington Post published a fascinating article by Geoff Edgers that examined the potential impact a Trump administration would have on the arts. In a nutshell, the reaction among most of Edgers’ high profile arts org CEO interviews could be best described as “brace for impact.” But given that today is when the Electoral College meet, I’m curious to gauge your level of expectations on where things might be headed.

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Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Conductors Don’t Win Music Director Jobs: Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in last week’s poll asking readers to weigh-in on whether or not they thought certain types of artistic activity could help or hurt a conductor’s prospects at landing a music director position at a professional US orchestra. There were just under 300 respondents and the results were fascinating. If nothing else, they indicate the potential value in studying this issue in a far more scientific fashion. Beyond measuring possible predisposition toward one artistic activity over another, it could codify the need for a larger […]

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Poll: Does [BLANK] Hurt Or Help A Conductor’s Career?

Being a conductor is a funny business; prestige and presenting an aura of authority and success are very much part of the overall package for success. If you want to start a conversation fire when you’re with a group of orchestra stakeholders, ask them if they think a conductor with an adjunct or tenure track academic position hurts or helps his/her chances for landing a music director gig at a professional symphonic orchestra. Although that particular scenario has been a hot-button issue for decades, the real irony is even though it (arguably) […]

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Does Your Arts Org Employer Provide A Company Cell Phone?

While doing some due diligence on a new business cellular provider (more on that in a few weeks), I found myself wondering how many arts orgs provide one or more group of employees with a company cell phone. As such, let’s see what we can find out. Among for-profit businesses, this is a fairly common practice but it is rather hit and miss for arts orgs. Even that varies from one country to the next. Case in point, when I was working for the Qatar Foundation in 2008 as the lead consultant […]

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Poll: What Do You Think About The Numbers Of Students Graduating With Music Performance Degrees

Last Friday’s April Fool’s post was a genuine hit but it seemed to simultaneously hit a few nerves. In particular, a number of reader replies (especially via email and social media) touched on issues related to the sheer volume of students produced by conservatories and schools of music vs. existing and potential job/opportunity capacity throughout the field. There’s no shortage on discussion about concerns over the music performance graduates vs. opportunity syndrome, in fact, it is a well-worn topic that has garnered national attention for more than a decade. If the topic […]

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