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There’s a Downside To Success

Simply put, business is booming. Back in January I published an article about the growth going on within The Venture Platform segment of my business and since then, the rate of increase has only picked up; moreover, a similar uptick in non-tech related consulting work kicked in shortly after the New Year. The only downside […]

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TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Heather Brown

EMBRACE THE PARADOX Thanks to my parents’ influence, I grew up playing and listening to classical music.  I also grew up loving sports.  Thankfully, Columbus, Ohio has both. Even with a terrific classical music scene though, Ohio State University athletics always seems to get the upper hand in this town.  OK, sure. Ohio’s a football […]

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TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Ceci Dadisman

Trying to get someone to go to the opera can be a challenging thing. As the chief marketing gal at Palm Beach Opera, it quite literally is my job to get people to come to the opera. Yes, I buy advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and online but the most powerful marketing out […]

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TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Scott Silberstein

Okay, my friends, let’s talk about what we’re going to do tonight. Maybe a trip to Orchestra Hall to hear the Chicago Symphony? Why, you ask, should you allow me to take you with me to the orchestra? Well, I can tell you why I go. I don’t know any better. The extraordinary sound of […]

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TAFTO Banner 2013 Holly Mulcahy

TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Holly Mulcahy

Six Fail-Safe Ways to Get Your Concert On By: Holly Mulcahy; violinist and author of Neo Classical, a blog about the future of classical music. During this season I’ve enjoyed the honor of playing in several orchestras as guest concertmaster and one of the more enjoyable fringe benefits is a direct view of and/or direct […]

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TAFTO 2012 David Loehr

TAFTO 2012 Contribution: David J. Loehr

I’m just going to say this up front. The friend I’m talking about isn’t technically a friend, and I still haven’t taken him to an orchestra. (And Drew passes out.) The first part’s easy to explain. It’s my son. He’s ten, and in the last few years, he’s started to pay attention to the elements […]

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TAFTO 2012 Maura Lafferty

TAFTO 2012 Contribution: Maura Lafferty

When I first met Raul, I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. He checked me out & asked me on a date after seeing me at church, and I was in the middle of a cross-country visit to DC. Our very first conversation revealed that he was everything I wasn’t in high […]

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TAFTO 2012 Jonathan Becker

TAFTO 2012 Contribution: Jonathan Becker

My whole life, I’ve worried that my Cleveland Browns would be in the Super Bowl the same night my hometown orchestra was performing Mahler’s 9th symphony. It’ll never happen, but what would I do? And why am I asking you? And why are live performances of classical music so enrapturing, nine out of 10 members […]

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