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A Flood of Responses To Lowering Ticket Prices

Monday’s article on the reduced ticket price initiative at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra has generated a great deal of private responses from professionals inside the business. More impressive than the number of responses was the sheer variety of opinions, I simply can’t think of another issue here at Adaptistration which generated such an assortment […]

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Gathering Support For Lower Ticket Prices At The SPCO

It’s an old story, but one which has become more relevant in recent years: someone in the administration has a plan for audience development but it would initially require losses and results aren’t expected for at least a few years; of course, that’s assuming there are any positive results at all. So how do you […]

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Lower Ticket Prices = Jail Time

There was an interesting article in the 11/23/05 edition of the L.A. Times by AP writer, Rhea Wessel, about an event which recently transpired in France. Apparently, Volker Hartung, the Cologne New Philharmonic conductor and executive administrator, was put in jail for two days while being quested over the charge that he violated French labor […]

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More On The Great Ticket Debate

It seems like the issue of ticket prices is quickly making the rounds among the usual blog suspects. I’m glad to see so many people jumping on board with the discussion, although I know some managers are sick to death of it; it’s something which deserves this level of scrutiny…

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It’s More About Ticket Prices Than You Think

Back at the beginning of the month, Philadelphia Inquirer music critic, Peter Dobrin, published one of the best articles on classical music and orchestras I’ve read in the mainstream media this year. Unfortunately, it was swallowed up by the more pressing news events of Hurricane Katrina. Nevertheless, it’s worth examining now…

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