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There’s Something Called Ghost Referral Spam?

Do you know if your Google Analytics data is corrupted by ghost referral spam? Wait, I didn’t know Google Analytics data could get spammed. What’s ghost referral spam or for that matter, regular referral spam? Unlike most types of spam you’re probably familiar with already, referral spam doesn’t actually interact with your website directly (which is good) so there’s no real security risk (super good), but it will mess with your metrics data in a malicious way (not good at all). If it goes too far, it will make your Google Analytics reports nearly unusable but don’t […]

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Stepping Up The Nonprofit CRM Challenge

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems seem to be a popular topic this season; in July, 2015, Nonprofit Quarterly ran an article that discussed the rabbit hole that is evaluating and identifying CRM proposals (which we examined here) and the 8/12/2015 edition of published an opinion piece by a CRM CEO lamenting the lack of providers in that field which offer nonprofits solutions they really need (h/t You’veCottMail). The latest article, written by Virtuous Software CEO, Gabe Cooper, blasts mainstream CRM providers for failing to provide solutions that provide the sort of […]

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There’s a Downside To Success

Simply put, business is booming. Back in January I published an article about the growth going on within The Venture Platform segment of my business and since then, the rate of increase has only picked up; moreover, a similar uptick in non-tech related consulting work kicked in shortly after the New Year. The only downside to this is a reduced amount of time to dedicate toward some of the long standing annual segments here at Adaptistration. Consequently, I’m going to have to officially let the fields go fallow for 2014 on the […]

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Helpful Web Advice Straight From The Iron Tongue

If you aren’t already aware of it, Lisa Hirsch over at Iron Tongue of Midnight has an excellent page with plenty of do’s and don’ts about how performing arts organizations should approach some aspects of web design. It is particularly useful in that it includes reminders for lingering items otherwise easily overlooked in modern web design. One of my favs is the reminder against embedding pdf or doc files in place of actual content; or worse, requiring users to download them in order to access details. Don’t make people open PDFs or […]

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2012 Website Reviews

2012 Orchestra Website (mini) Review: Responsive Roundup

The Annual Orchestra Website Review examines more than 80 professional orchestras in the United States and Canada and rank them by a detailed series of quantitative criteria but due to Orchestra Crisis 2012/13 (details here) we had to postpone and scale back the reviews. As it turns out, the delay was fortuitous in that it set the stage for ideal timing to focus the review efforts exclusively on what is easily one of the most important design standards for performing arts organization website to date: responsive design. Specifically, we’re going to see which orchestras […]

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