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Thinking Responsively Part 2

Picking up where we left off in Part 1, we’re going to walk through the steps you can use to begin “thinking responsively” about your organization’s website. To that end, let’s start off on the right foot and acknowledge that the vast majority of performing arts based websites are designed using the old school static […]

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Thinking Responsively Part 1

Responsive design has been a boon for arts organizations and what was once a nearly unknown term three years ago is increasingly common; so common in fact, that the development field is beginning to distort what responsive design is all about. Case in point, one of Venture’s users, Rachel Carneglia at Morikami Museum and Japanese […]

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Yep, Email Newsletters Are Still Awesome

It can be all too easy to overlook the need for driving email subscription conversion but make no mistake, email is still an enormously powerful tool, even in the wake of SMS and social media based messaging. Nonetheless, after taking a closer look at Adaptistration’s Weekly Email Subscriber list the other week and noticing the […]

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Time To Update Your Passwords

It’s been more than a year since the last reminder which means it is high time to remind everyone to update your passwords, especially ones related to work at your arts org. Hacker activity hasn’t subsided since a big spike at the beginning of the calendar year and one of the most useful steps in […]

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If Supertitles Still Bug You, Then This May Not Be Your Thing

The 6/27/2014 edition of The Verge published an article by Adi Robertson that examines the author’s experience using Google Glass to process translations. Long story short, the device did an excellent job at taking what has become a technologically rooted staple of the concert experience to its next logical evolutionary step. At a showing last […]

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FREE Twitter Profile Survival Kit for Arts Organizations 2014

It’s time to update your Twitter skills and keep up with the learning curve. For those unaware, Twitter updated their user profile layouts to include a profile background image that looks a lot like Facebook profile headers. However, it functions differently than its Facebook peer in that it is responsive, meaning it will get resized […]

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Borrowed Advice

I wanted to take a moment to pull together a few threads from different sources all discussing, to one degree or another, marketing and patron interaction amidst the digital age. And when you tie them together, they create a fascinating counterproductive cycle that ensnares too many groups: ex post facto planning > trying too hard […]

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