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Style Guide Sheriff

Taming Wild West Style Branding Efforts: There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Since it was originally published in 2012, the free Website Branding Style Guide resource here at Adaptistration has been a steady fixture among the most popular content. No worries, that resource isn’t going anywhere in the near future but it is worth pointing out that a similar service from a relatively new provider,, is […]

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Wayback Machine

Using Throwback Thursday To Improve User Experience

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) is more than just a fun social media time suck, it can actually help you improve your online presence. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, which archives screencaps of your website, has been around for some time and it’s just as useful now as ever. Sure, it’s fun to see how some of […]

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Adaptistration People 042

Level Up Your Facebook Share Dialog Game

It’s great when patrons share your content and events on Facebook but if you don’t have an image that conforms to Facebook’s recommended practices, you can end up lowering your conversion rates thanks to the share dialog pulling an ill-suited image. This happens when you don’t assign a featured image to your content that Facebook […]

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Morikami Top 100

It’s Always Nice To Be Noticed

What a treat to see Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens’ website was selected as one of’s Top 100 nonprofit websites. A creative firm that specializes in nonprofits, EveryAction selected Morikami’s website alongside groups with substantially larger budgets which included the Word Wildlife Fund, Gates Foundation, Red Cross, NPR, MoMA, American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood, […]

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Adaptistration People 155

My, What A Timely Article

It seems we weren’t the only ones thinking about customer relationship management (CRM) solutions via yesterday’s satisfaction survey (please submit your position if you haven’t done so already). Joe Patti published an article over at Butts In The Seats titled What Is On Your Customer Relationship Management Wishlist? where he solicits feedback on what sorts of features […]

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Adaptistration People 181

How Satisfied Are You With Your CRM Provider?

There was a terrific Dilbert cartoon from 12/27/15 that does a great job at illustrating some of the strongest complaints I hear from arts managers about their interaction with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and the providers who manage them. I posted the comic on the ArtsHacker Facebook page and solicited feedback on potential interest […]

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Adaptistration People 049

Have You Checked Out Google’s Cultural Institute Yet?

Have you been to the Google Cultural Institute yet? If not, you’re missing out on some very impressive first gen technology designed to create what Google calls “virtual exhibitions” that includes a live performance of Philadelphia Orchestra performing In The Hall of the Mountain King onstage at Carnegie Hall. All in all, it’s pretty fun […]

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Step Up Your Presentation Game With A Dedicated Companion Site

In the course of preparing for the #NAMPC Click Click Done session, my fellow panelists and I came up with the idea of create a dedicated microsite especially for the session. Dubbed SessionSYNC, it was inspired in large part by The Walking Dead StorySYNC program in that is designed to be accessed primarily through tablets […]

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