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Is This A Low Cost Solution For Simulcasts?

There’s an intriguing article by Karissa Bell in the 4/7/2014 edition of that reports on a new service from that provides dedicated simulcasting capability for Google Glass. Granted, we’re not talking Met HD simulcast quality here, not even close, but Glass’ apparent audio quality limitations could be overcome by paring the device with […]

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The Heartbleed Bug: Check Your SSL Certificates

News of the Heartbleed bug has made the rounds throughout mainstream media and if would appear that the internet is coming to an end; fortunately, it’s not that bad. But Heartbleed is an insidious bug albeit focused only on a certain aspect of your website and here’s what you need to know to make sure […]

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Soloists, Like Krystian Zimerman, Now Have a Positive Option To Shape Patron Smartphone Use During Concerts

June, 2013 was a month of well publicized reports related to pianist Krystian Zimerman stopping a performance to verbally spank the audience after seeing a patron allegedly using a Smartphone to video record a portion of his performance. At the time, the culture community, myself included, was abuzz about whether Zimerman’s response was justified (it […]

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The Orchestra 990 Database Project Is Live

It is official: the Orchestra 990 Database Project Kickstarter campaign is off and running! Between now and Friday, 3/28/2014 we need to generate $40,000 in pledges, it’s going to be crazy exciting and to help get things moving, get psyched up on the project video. The Kickstarter page has all of the details related to […]

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Respect Your Recipients’ Time

Earlier in the week, I mentioned MailChimp email marketing service and how much I like their service, one of the ancillary benefits is a genuinely terrific company blog that focuses on more than just obligatory best practices posts; instead, they focus on lessons learned along the way from their own mistakes. Case in point was […]

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Net Neutrality Suffers A Critical Blow

Back in 2010, I was warning the field against steady efforts from Internet Service Providers (ISP) to erode net neutrality, the series of FCC regulations that limit providers (think Time Warner, Cox, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) from restricting, or even blocking, content for pretty much any reason they see fit. But a 3-0 decision by […]

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New Venture Sales Site

There’s Nothing Quite Like Beating Your Goals

2013 was a banner year for The Venture Platform; our first economy of scale business model produced the first major upgrade threshold in March which brought a slew of system enhancements at zero cost increase for users. By the end of the year, new users tripled and at the present, we have another four new […]

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