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How Satisfied Are You With Your Ticketing Software?

While performing some work for Venture clients recently, my development team and I found the need to perform some research and in the process, I reached into my files for a resource that I sadly neglected to mention here when it was released: The 2015 Ticketing Software Satisfaction Survey report from Carnegie Mellon’s Arts Management […]

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Solving Problems, One App At A Time

One of the really fun parts about working as an arts-focused software developer is coming across opportunities to solve big problems. To that end, we’re wrapping up work on a new web app designed to solve one of the most time consuming and frustrating problems: resource scheduling. One of our existing users, The Society Of […]

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Apple Plans To Bach-Block Your Live Event Recording

Your opinion on the pro/con smartphone camera use inside the venue argument may become moot if one or more of Apple’s recently granted patents makes its way into iPhones in the near future. In a nutshell, the patents detail the ability for the phone to receive infrared signal that will effectively disable or otherwise prevent […]

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Are You Interested In Saving A Boat Load Of Money During Your Next Web/CRM/Ticketing Update?

If there’s one area where arts organizations have untapped expense reduction savings, it’s creating a more efficient process for integrating and updating your existing web, Box Office, and CRM systems. To that end, one of the most popular articles here for the past several years has been Understanding The Relationship Between Websites, Box Office, and […]

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Understanding The Relationship Between Websites, Box Office, and CRM Reloaded 2016

Ever since publishing the original version of this article in 2011, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the uncertainty surrounding the relationship between websites, box office, and customer relationship management solutions (CRM) along with where they do and do not intersect. In the worst case scenarios, arts organizations end up encountering huge cost […]

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Lessons From The Give Local America Day Kimbia SNAFU Are A Work In Progress

In the wake of events following the Give Local America Day calamity that saw the entire program grind to a halt at mid-day and leave thousands of donors and nonprofits stranded, there is no shortage of commentary. Details surrounding why the web based payment platform collapsed are scant and the online fundraising and crowdfunding platform […]

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Thinking Responsively About Your Logos

It’s Spring and for many arts orgs, it means you’re in the process of putting together all of next season’s marketing content. That includes putting any branding updates in place for your web and print material and one item to consider is the potential for developing a version of your logo to use inside a […]

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Talking Metrics With Tomorrow’s Managers (and you get to join the fun)

I had the pleasure of serving as a guest lecturer for Columbia College Chicago’s Marketing Technology students. Providing not only an introduction to Google Analytics, but building the critical connections needed to understand how it functions in a larger digital marketing plan is something you don’t have to me twice to talk about. Instead of traditional presentation slides, I developed […]

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