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The Recent Round Of AFM-EPF Pension Headaches

Pensions; can’t live with them, can’t avoid a crippling social collapse without them. Recently, the American Federation of Musicians & Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) Board of Trustees sent a letter to plan members explaining how the fund has suffered since the economic downturn and their plan for recovery. Unlike other union pension plans, the AFM-EPF is a defined benefit multiemployer pension plan. The organization describes the distinction to a single employer plan accordingly: A defined benefit plan specifies the benefits to which participants may become entitled. Defined benefit plans do not have […]

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And Then That Happened

I’m away at the 2016 @ArtsMidwest conference today but want to quickly point out two items of notes related to substitute parity (paying substitute musicians an equal per-service rate as their salary based colleagues). Regular readers know the topic of equal pay for equal work among orchestra musicians is a popular topic and one ongoing curiosity throughout those articles is a complete reticence by spokespersons from orchestra player associations, player conferences, and local and national union leaders to even acknowledge questions on the topic. Consequently, it was a surprise to see the […]

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Variances, Exceptions, And Special Considerations! Oh My!

Imagine for a moment that you’re passionate about Haggis, so much so that you went to school to study everything you could learn about Haggis and earned a degree in Culinary Arts with the goal of launching your very own startup food truck that does nothing but produce Haggis dishes, let’s call it Pluck You*. Since you’re in startup mode, Pluck You does generate revenue but not enough to live on so you hold down a job as a saucier at a local Steak House, Symphonic Steak, where you do a fantastic […]

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Colorado Symphony Musicians’ AFM Representation In Question

Norman Lebrecht broke the news in a post from 5/6/2015 about the Colorado Symphony Orchestra Musicians filing a signed petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regarding the status of their official representation. Currently, the musicians are represented by the American Federation of Musicians (AFM); Denver Musicians Association (DMA), Local 20-623 AFM AFL-CIO; and now that we have our acronyms straight, let’s take a closer look at what we know. Lebrecht’s post included a link to the NLRB online case file #27-RC-151373, and the RC prefix there means it is a […]

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A Crisis Of Conscience Inside The AFM

The topic of equal pay for equal work as applied to substitute musician wages has been an uphill examination over the past year. We began exploring the topic in the wake of the Minnesota Orchestra settlement that ended their season-killing lockout after learning the agreement failed to maintain wage parity for substitute musicians and even when the option of achieving parity through direct action was available, the musicians and their Local opted against enacting those measures. Throughout the course of these events, the Minnesota Orchestra musician representatives, representatives from the patron support […]

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