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Union Puppet Masters? They Don’t Have That Capacity.

It is a bit of a stretch to call recent events in the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) lockout as developments. But in case you missed what transpired, here’s what you need to know: two representatives from each side met in order to see if engaging in discussions with fewer participants involved might bring about some […]

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New Office View

Up And Running

There’s nothing quite like a move to reaffirm the comfort of stability but change is good and mercifully, all went according to plan so today can be spent getting everything back in order. In the meantime, make sure you didn’t miss yesterday’s news about the musicians of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra voted to decertify and […]

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Is Minnesota The New AFM Line In The Sand?

Last week’s article examining a recent outpouring of support for the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Minneapolis-St. Paul Local 30-73 in the form of a $71,000 donation from a diverse collection of other AFM Locals and individuals, produced some intriguing comments. One from Milwaukee Symphony Principal Violist and President of AFM Local 8, Robert Levine, […]

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Is $71,000 Enough To Matter In Minnesota?

For those unaware, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) just wrapped up their 99th convention in Las Vegas, NV and in what has become a reliable standard, Milwaukee Symphony Principal Violist and President of AFM Local 8, Robert Levine, has been in attendance and blogging away with his observations. Most of it is a routine […]

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collateral damage

Collateral Damage

Yesterday’s post about the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) $1.75 million pension obligation settlement with the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) generated some intriguing feedback. In particular, one comment stands out in that it brings up some relevant issues regarding how all of this may impact other orchestras that are part of […]

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piggy bank

Debt Is Only The Beginning

The 4/25/2012 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Peter Dobrin that reports the dispute between the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) and the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) has officially come to a close. For those unaware, the AFM-EPF had been screaming bloody murder that the POA owed as much as […]

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The Ridge Address: A Warning-Response Opportunity

Although I plan to post my observations about the entire 2012 American Orchestra Summit later this week, I wanted to focus on what was perhaps the most engaging component of the entire event: a keynote address from International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) chair Bruce Ridge and the subsequent rebuttal session with League […]

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Louisville Musicians Reject Arbitration Then Miss An Opportunity

On Thursday, 2/16/2012 the Louisville Orchestra (LO) Musicians formally rejected an offer from management to enter binding arbitration. This comes as no real surprise in that the offer had a number of provisos tailored to ensure that any decision would conform to financial and operational parameters contained in their previous proposals, all of which have […]

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