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Cleveland Orchestra and National Symphony base musician compensation

Initial Details Of The Cleveland Settlement

Although comprehensive details in the form of the final agreement language won’t be available for a few weeks or more, some aspects of the new agreement have been made public. Based on information included in a press statement, here’s what can be discerned: Length: 9/2009 (retroactive) – 8/2011; or the 2009/10, 2010/11, and 2011/12 seasons. […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Cleveland Strike Concluded

BREAKING NEWS: Cleveland Strike Concluded

After a marathon negotiation session that started on Monday, 1/18/2010 at 12:00 noon and lasted until nearly 7:00am the following morning, the Cleveland Orchestra and their musicians have reportedly reached a tentative agreement. According to sources inside the organization, the musicians plan to conduct a ratification meeting at 2:00p.m. ET, today (1/19/2010). Furthermore, a portion […]

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An Updated Look At Top-Tier Musician Compensation

With all the news surrounding Cleveland Orchestra’s ongoing labor negotiations, it made sense to revise and double check the base musician compensation figures for the highest budget ensembles. As it turned out, the Cleveland Plain Dealer requested exactly that for an article they published on 1/6/2010 so the timing worked out nicely. As a result […]

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Thinking about using your orchestra's existing new media outlet as labor negotiation tool? Think again!

Come On Cleveland, You’re Better Than This

Regular readers know that when we talk about orchestras and new media, one recurring warning is to resist the urge to use new media outlets for press release regurgitation. After all, that’s what press pages at an orchestra’s web site are for. Likewise, using the official organizational new media and social networking outlets to disseminate […]

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At 165 comments and counting, Seattle residents can't push the comment submit button fast enough.

Cleveland And Seattle: With Bated Breath

As the orchestra business watches Cleveland and Seattle with bated breath, it is difficult to wonder if events at these two larger budget organizations will have any impact on the business as a whole. And it isn’t just insiders who are paying attention, music critics, cultural reporters, bloggers, and just about any other stakeholder with […]

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A strong 2010

Here’s To A Strong 2010

By and large, 2009 was a tough year for the field and although some groups will continue to stumble in the weeds, others are making progress on finding institutional balance while several are well on the way to stabilization. For example, the Charlotte Symphony released a statement on 12/31/09 announcing a new program to build […]

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A word to the wise consider a wide range of dynamic consequences before exerting overt pressure on media outlets.

A Word To The Wise?

In case you haven’t checked the headlines out in the past week, you should be aware of the fact that Cleveland Plain Dealer critic, Don Rosenberg, filed a lawsuit against key figures in the Cleveland Orchestra. According to the 12/11/08 edition of the New York Times in an article by Dan Wakin, Rosenberg charged that […]

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