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Interesting Developments In Denver

The 2/1/2013 edition of the Denver Post reports that Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) CEO Gene Sobczak has decided to leave the organization. Sobczak leaves the position after stepping in for one year following the ugly and very public board split led by former CSO board chair and current League of American Orchestras board officer Bruce […]

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Former Colorado MD Blasts Ex Board Members

In a very unusual move for an active conductor, former Colorado Symphony Orchestra music director, Jeffrey Kahane, submitted an op-ed opinion piece to the Denver Post that unloads both barrels on the Clinton/Miller letter along with the Post’s editorial from 12/3/2011.

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collateral damage

Collateral Damage From The Clinton Letter

Since the Denver Post published an opinion piece written by former Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) board members Heather K. Miller and Bruce Clinton, the field has been abuzz with backchannel discussion over the tone of the letter (in particular, how the authors characterized CSO musicians). What’s got folks talking is the fact that Clinton currently […]

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Another Sudden CEO Departure, This Time In Pittsburgh

Looks like the Colorado Symphony Orchestra isn’t the only group to pull a CEO quick-change before the season is half over. News started filtering out yesterday morning that the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) simultaneously confirmed that Lawrence Tamburri would step down as president and CEO immediately and be permanently replaced by PSO board vice-chair James […]

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A Clumsy Act Of Vanity

Still having an amazing time here at the National Arts Marketing project Convention and will write more about that later but I wanted to point out something that transpired over the weekend in Denver in what has to be a new benchmark for public ill will. The 11/13/2011 edition of the Denver Post published an […]

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What A Week

It’s been an eventful week and much of the news covers everything from dark to light. So let’s see about getting caught up by starting on the east coast and work our way out west.

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Will the board departure open a door to new opportunity?

Success Stories And Denver

There are two topics for today’s post; the first is a pointer to the second of my two blog posts the 2011 National Arts Marketing Project blog salon. This one, titled Success Stories, focuses on the bear traps arts orgs should avoid in the form of relying too much on vendor provided statistics.

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Not Pulling Any Punches In Denver

Make no bones about it, the Denver Post’s Fine Arts Critic, Kyle MacMillan, has some strong opinions about the current state of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO), its value to the community, and what stakeholders need to start doing in order to make things better. In an article published on 10/1/2011, he lays out a […]

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