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Play and Talk

Negotiation Update: Philly Enters Limited Play & Talk, Chicago Lyric Settles, And More

Following up on our 9/14/2015 list of orchestras with expired agreements, here’s an overview of what’s been going on. Philadelphia Orchestra The employer and musicians initially announced a limited play and talk agreement that will take them through Monday, 9/28/2015, which should come as no surprise that the date falls just after the orchestra is scheduled to perform for Pope Francis. Since then, both sides have agreed to continue the arrangement without a specific end date. Peter Dobrin authored a detailed report for the 9/21/2015 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer that covers […]

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3d key

“An Illegal Lockout” In Charleston

According to a representative speaking on behalf of the Players Association of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra (PACSO) the official position of the musicians and its union, Coastal Carolina Association of Professional Musicians Local 502, have stated that they consider the Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) decision to suspend operations “an illegal lockout and we are pursuing it to the fullest extent of the law.”… (more…)

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Details Surface In Columbus

The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA) and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) have apparently come to terms regarding a five year agreement that outsources the vast majority of the CSO’s administrative functions to CAPA. The organizations issued two joint press releases on the new agreement dated March 31, 2010 which include the following details… CAPA will “manage the CSO’s finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, publicity, graphics, IT, ticketing, human resources, and operations functions.” “Joint fundraising from CAPA and the CSO will strive to balance the 2009-10 budget” but there is no […]

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Dead Cat Bounce

For those unfamiliar with the expression “Dead Cat Bounce,” it comes from the world of finance as a way to describe “a temporary recovery from a prolonged decline or bear market, after which the market continues to fall (source)” – even a dead cat will bounce if dropped from high enough. This phrase came to mind after reading an article by Jeffrey Sheban in the 3/5/2010 edition of the Columbus Dispatch that reports on a 16.6 % budget cut at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) over and above the 28% cut from […]

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Emmanuel Ax, good guy.

A Much Needed Class Act

The 3/19/2009 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, reports that piano soloist Emmanuel Ax is waiving his fee for this weekend’s performances with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO). Regular readers (and everyone else in the business not living under a rock for the past season) know all about the CSO’s troubles so Ax’s generosity, which was reportedly his offer, demonstrates the right attitude at the right time. I wish the same were true of all soloists across the board… (more…)

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