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A Tentative Deal In Grand Rapids

It looks like we’re one step closer to wrapping up the list of outstanding mid to large budget orchestras with expired agreements that have managed to ratify a new contract without resorting to a work stoppage. The Grand Rapids Symphony (GRS) reportedly reached a tentative five-year agreement after more than seven months of play and talk. The new agreement must be ratified by the GRS board and the musicians before terms are released, but we’ll circle back to those items once they’ve been made available. The tentative agreement comes on the heels […]

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Play and Talk

Negotiation Update: Philly Enters Limited Play & Talk, Chicago Lyric Settles, And More

Following up on our 9/14/2015 list of orchestras with expired agreements, here’s an overview of what’s been going on. Philadelphia Orchestra The employer and musicians initially announced a limited play and talk agreement that will take them through Monday, 9/28/2015, which should come as no surprise that the date falls just after the orchestra is scheduled to perform for Pope Francis. Since then, both sides have agreed to continue the arrangement without a specific end date. Peter Dobrin authored a detailed report for the 9/21/2015 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer that covers […]

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best and worst of 2010

2010 Orchestra Website Review: Best & Worst Of

Wrapping up the US reviews for 2010 is the Best & Worst from this year’s review. The Best recognizes orchestras that made particularly large advancements in certain categories while the Worst examines organizations that could benefit from improving particularly damaging components and/or practices… (more…)

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The press might be a good information tool, but it's not a good communication tool

Nudging Yourself Back On The Right Path

On 3/12/09, conductor Ron Spigelman posted an article at his blog, Sticks and Drones, that examines some recent decisions at the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra reported in an article from the 3/9/09 edition of the Grand Rapids Press. Whether he intended to or not, Spigelman raised exactly the right set of questions at exactly the right moment in time to avert a potentially damaging course of action… (more…)

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