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Where are you going?

An All Around Day Of Downer News

A few items of note to point today: the first from Detroit where it seems like both sides in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) dispute are having some trouble working through the necessary issues in order to even consider arbitration. And by trouble, I mean a continuation of the same fundamental separation on the most […]

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Will the HSO liquidate?

Reports Of Liquidation Emerge In Honolulu, the Honolulu ABC affiliate, reports that the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra (HSO) may be planning to shift from reorganization to liquidation bankruptcy as early as next month. The HSO announced plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November, 2009 and a full year later it looks like they may dissolve the institution and liquidate […]

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Extra Strength Crazy In Honolulu

After awhile, the repetition associated with labor disputes can get pretty boring; each side tosses the same old accusations and language back and forth and the outcomes are pretty much unsurprising. It is almost as formulaic as Hollywood’s never ending stream of buddy-cop or teenage-angst flicks. But every now and then, a group emerges to […]

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blind justice

Claims Of “Gross Mismanagement And Incompetence” In Honolulu

According to two news reports (here and here), the Honolulu Symphony Musicians presented a filing this week that “(Based) on its history of gross mismanagement and incompetence …management is incapable of the task reorganization and a Chapter 11 trustee should be appointed, or, in the alternative, the case should be converted to Chapter 7 or […]

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The more we learn, the more it looks like Honolulu may be best served by chapter 7.

Things That Make You Go Buh!?! Honolulu

On Friday, 2/5/2010 Hawaii Public Radio aired an interview conducted by Noe Tanigawa to catch up on the current status of the bankrupt Honolulu Symphony Orchestra (HSO). The 29:35 segment featured excerpts from separate conversations with HSO Executive Director Majken Mechling and HSO tympanist and musicians’ representative Steve Dinion. Tanigawa did an excellent job at […]

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