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Another Indianapolis Symphony Exec Is Out

If nothing else, when Gary Ginstling officially begins his tenure at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) on March 18, 2013 he won’t be burdened by executive dream team building concerns. In this case, all but a few of those billets are currently empty and on March 4, 2013, the ISO announced yet one more impending vacancy: Jackie Groth will be leaving her position as VP of Finance and Strategic Planning. Goth has been simultaneously serving as interim CEO throughout the course of the ISO’s very public and very bitter labor dispute and […]

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Indianapolis Begins Filling In The Holes

On 2/13/2013, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) appointed Gary Ginstling as the organization’s new CEO. Ginstling will begin next month and by that point in time, the ISO will have been without a formal CEO for just over one year, following what some might describe as a less than ceremonious departure by Simon Crookall. Ginstling is currently the General Manager of the Cleveland Orchestra and prior to that, he served as director of communications and external affairs for the San Francisco Symphony. It was during his time with San Francisco that Ginstling […]

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Apparently Something Happened In Indianapolis

Remember the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s (ISO) big, ugly, and very public labor dispute and work stoppage? It was temporarily suspended thanks to a bridge agreement that included a board goal of raising $5 million by the beginning of February. That deadline recently passed and the ISO issued a press release on 2/3/2013 stating they exceeded their goal. Unfortunately, there aren’t many details and the local Indianapolis press has been more or less limited to regurgitating details from the ISO’s succinct release. The best source, as of the time this article was written, […]

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The Fast Track To Getting Typecast

Down To The Wire In Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) is a few weeks out from their February 3, 2013 deadline to raise $5 million. The goal is part of a deal that brought performances back to the public and ended an increasingly hostile labor dispute. Functioning as something akin to a cease-fire agreement, the board accepted the goal of raising $5 million while the musicians accepted a 25% salary reduction during the same period (additional details here). Regularly scheduled concert event took place and both sides agreed to lay off beating each other up in public […]

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Indy Settles

I’m stuck in flight delay purgatory so I have yet to see a copy of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) agreement but my sincerest thanks to Indy Star music critic Jay Harvey for giving me a call and providing details. He wrote a terrific article that provides an overview of the very unusual compromise that, at the very least, gets the orchestra playing again. (more…)

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