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Still No Word From Interlochen

To date, representatives from the Interlochen Center for the Arts (ICA) have not returned or even acknowledged my requests for information regarding attendance figures from recent years. The request was submitted to ICA after comments from Jeff Kimpton, ICA president, appeared in the press.

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The Latest Interlochen Spin

The 2005 Arts Camp session is over; the final strains of Les Preludes have drifted away and now reside only as memories in the minds of those who were there this summer. Unfortunately, there seems to be a great deal of spin drifting out of the president’s office as well..

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The Turnover In Music Faculty At Interlochen

Recently, the Interlochen Center for the Arts website posted the faculty list for the 2005 summer camp season. The list goes a long way in helping to clear up much of the ongoing discussion regarding exactly how many music faculty were dismissed in the recent”Thanksgiving week Massacre.”

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