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The Value Of Sincerity At Interlochen

Ever since Interlochen's 2004 Thanksgiving Massacre there's been a swell of media attention surrounding the sincerity behind the motives of Interlochen's administrative leaders.  The January 5, 2005, edition of the New York Times published an extensive article examining the rise of discontent over the round of faculty dismissals and how many long time supporters are [...]
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Expressing Your Concern To Interlochen

A great number of concerned Interlochen alumni and supporters have written asking me what I think they should do: "Should I write a letter? Should I make phone calls? Should I just keep quiet?"  As a result of those many requests, I have put together a contact list of the Interlochen Trustees and Alumni Council [...]
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A Sad Day, The Passing Of Fred Fennell

In the morning of Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 music legend Fred Fennell passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90.  For those who run around exclusively in orchestra circles you may not readily place Fred's name with his achievements. His accomplishments are simply too long to list here, but you can find [...]
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