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More Info From Jacksonville

On 12/24/2012, I published an article that linked over to a pair of letters related to the ongoing Jacksonville Symphony (JAX) labor dispute that were published in the Florida times-Union. One was from the JAX board chair elect and the other was from the JAX musicians’ negotiating committee. As it turns out, the paper apparently edited the latter letter without indicating the modification. On 12/31/2012 the newspaper published the complete letter in their editorial page blog along with the following statement: Note to readers: The Times-Union recently published letters from both the […]

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So Much For Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

Even through the holiday season is typically characterized by humanity and compassion, it doesn’t seem to be catching on at some of the brighter hotspots throughout the Season of Discontent. For example, the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) announced additional cancellations through February 10, 2013 on the same day they posted public statements indicating a desire to schedule bargaining sessions. The only real change in public tone from the MOA is mention that the proposed bargaining sessions can be conducted without preconditions; at the same time, there’s no reference to exactly what sort […]

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shake hands

San Antonio Settles While Jacksonville Gets Called Out

It seems that the San Antonio Symphony decided it was time to get out of the crisis pool and announced that musicians and management reached a settlement thereby ending a season of post-expiration contract purgatory. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra leadership found itself at the center of a scathing editorial by the Florida Times-Union. (more…)

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Grinding The Gears

Chaos Is Good For Business

The month of September, 2012 was Adaptistration’s highest traffic month. I posted a tweet indicating the news over the weekend and it generated a wonderfully wry reply from Detroit Free Press music critic Mark Stryker: “Chaos Is Good For Business.” And the reality is that yes, by and large conflict draws more attention than good news but as I took a closer look at the metrics, I uncovered this fascinating gem: (more…)

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Jacksonville Symphony Declares Impasse, Imposes Contract

According to an article by Charlie Patton in the 9/18/2012 edition of the Florida Times-Union, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s (JSO) board has declared an impasse and will impose the terms of its most recent offer. That offer includes a 20% reduction in base compensation, four less weeks in the season, and no less than 45 percent cuts in health care benefits (the figure for the latter increases via family coverage). It is unknown if any work rule changes are being imposed. (more…)

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