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Louisville Begins Patching The Gaps

The 1/28/2013 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published an article by Elizabeth Kramer that reports the Louisville Orchestra has named David Hyslop to serve as interim chief executive officer. There’s no mention of whether or not Hyslop’s contract is for any specific length of time or whether or not he’ll be performing the bulk of […]

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Will the board departure open a door to new opportunity?

Leadership Turnover In Louisville

The 1/13/2013 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published an article by Grace Schneider which reports two key leadership position changes at the Louisville Orchestral. CEO Robert Birman will be leaving his position February 1, 2013 and board president-elect Bill Lamb resigned from his position last week. Birman was at the center of a prolonged and […]

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Louisville Sneaks By Under The Radar

In the hubbub of Indy, Atlanta, San Antonio, and the Twin Cities it might have been easy to miss the excellent article by Elizabeth Kramer published in the 9/1/2012 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal that reports on the orchestra’s return after a protracted work stoppage. (more…)

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Louisville Gets A Deal(?)

Well, at the very least we know that something happened in Louisville yesterday and it involved the Louisville Orchestra Inc. (LOI), Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association (LOMA), and Louisville Metro Council President Jim King. To say the least, details are spotty and traditional news outlets are publishing contradictory reports; but here’s what you can reliably piece […]

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Close To A Deal In Louisville?

We wouldn’t normally have back-to-back Louisville articles here unless there was something sincerely important to report but since next week’s schedule is assigned to Take A Friend To The Orchestra week contributions, it seemed fair to post a little something today about the potential for a deal emerging from Louisville within the next week. (more…)

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Louisville Around The Net

Since the Louisville Orchestra (LO) announced it would begin hiring replacement musicians, the response throughout social media and culture blogs has been voluminous, but mild mannered compared to an equally devastating work stoppage like last season at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. (more…)

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Expect Ugliness To Ensue At Louisville

Following the decision to move forward with hiring replacement musicians, the Louisville Orchestra (LO) board has firmly moved the organization into unknown territory. Although there will almost certainly be a number of unexpected twists and turns, one thing you can anticipate is a marked increase in the amount of ugliness (public and private) between stakeholders […]

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Louisville Board Rejects Musician Offer

Although it comes as no real surprise, the Louisville Orchestra (LO) board of directors rejected the musicians’ latest offer on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. In response, the musicians’ media contact released a statement announcing they will conduct a press conference today at noon (CT) to discuss their now rejected proposal. There’s nothing earth shattering there […]

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