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Memphis Closes Annual Deficit Shortfall But Still Cagy About 2014/15

A handful of traditional media outlets are reporting that the Memphis Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has apparently raised enough bridge funding to make it to the end of the current season but there is no word on what is planned for 2014/15. Likewise, there is no word on what sorts of adjustments may be made to the remaining season’s programs. Although the MSO has yet to publish a public statement detailing the recent fundraising results, the 3/17/2014 edition of the Memphis Business Journal published an article that reports the bridge funding consists of […]

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Mayhem In Memphis

It looks like the Memphis Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has officially entered into cycle of panic induced fundraising coupled with all but certain massive budget cuts. The MSO released a press statement on 1/30/2014 asserting that the economic downturn and fickle patron habits have forced the organization into financial crisis. An article from the January 31, 2014 Associated Press reports that the MSO board approved a resolution to “wind-down” the orchestra at the end of the season. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there has been a great deal of discussion and conjecture about what the MSO […]

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