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A Tale Of Two Disasters

Arguably, the orchestra field’s two nastiest labor disputes at larger budget orchestras since the economic downturn have been the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra; and now that the latter has seemingly tied up the last of the most prominent loose ends, it will be interesting to juxtapose how each organization manages to cope […]

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Doing The Right Thing In The Worst Possible Way

It is time to weigh in on what’s been unfolding at the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA), the processes used, and what the institution can expect moving forward. #1 Henson Removed After a long and fretful debate, the MOA finally decided to remove Henson and although that was clearly the correct decision to make, they managed […]

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Adaptistration Guy Out The Door

Henson Out But Not Until August

It looks like there is finally some news in the saga that is the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) that may allow the organization to enter a genuine period of recovery. Late last night, the MOA announced that Michael Henson will step down as CEO in August, 2014. Kristin Tillotson has all of the initial details […]

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@MN_Orchestra #GovernanceFail

The Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) board is at it again; the latest news report describes an apparent decision to offer former music director Osmo Vanska a position as principal guest conductor while also retaining President & CEO Michael Henson. And while you can be certain there are some on the MOA board who see this […]

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No Decision On Henson

It is difficult to imagine a clearer sign that the dysfunction within the Minnesota Orchestra Association’s (MOA) board is far from over and the reported divisiveness, not to mention resulting inaction, over whether or not to retain President and CEO Michael Henson is about as dire of an omen one could imagine at this point. […]

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Approximately one third of orchestras in this list do not maintain substitute pay parity.

The Data Behind Substitute Pay Rates

Throughout the series of posts about the substitute musician pay disparity at the Minnesota Orchestra Association there were a number of reader comments asserting anecdotal evidence over how common the practice was among professional orchestras. Since then, I’ve taken the time to evaluate the data and have uncovered some fascinating information. Before diving into the […]

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This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us

The Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) may be back to the business of presenting concerts, but that doesn’t mean the drama has abated. At the first concerts since the work stoppage, shouts from the audience to “bring back Osmo” and “Fire Henson” reportedly punctuated remarks from musician and board representatives. Unlike the traditional chicken or egg […]

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Resolving The Pay Disparity In Minnesota

Although specific details have yet to be released, media reports have confirmed the new master agreement ratified by the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and its musicians contains a provision to pay substitute musicians 90 percent of the contracted musicians’ base scale rate, thereby requiring subs to shoulder a disproportionately larger share of salary concessions than […]

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