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And Then This Happened

It looks like the Cleveland Orchestra has found a replacement for outgoing executive director Gary Hanson and it’s the former New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) and Melbourne Symphony exec André Gremillet. According to a press statement from the orchestra, Gremillet is credited with “successfully enhance[ing] the fiscal health” of the NJSO although that phrasing may come as a surprise to many in that institution. According to an 8/3/2015 article in The Plain Dealer by Zachary Lewis, Gremillet lists an accomplishment of a $35 million capital campaign project during his time with the […]

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A Week Of Living Dangerously

When it rains it pours, but some problems are good great to have and that’s precisely where the next week (or so) is headed for my intrepid consulting team. To that end, I’ll still be posting every day but some posts may be lighter than others and during those instances, I’m going to try to focus on some genuinely good news oriented topics. Today’s post is exactly that with an article from the always sharp Brian Wise at WQXR which highlights recent efforts at New York’s New Victory Theater that worked with […]

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NJSO And The Damage Control Two-Step

The beleaguered New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) continues to deflect negative press following the Richard Dare scandal. After calling a press conference to officially release their 2013-14 season, NJSO spokespersons reportedly became agitated and short with reporters who, perhaps unsurprisingly, were inquiring about the Dare ordeal. Brian Wise from WQXR authored an article that was published on 1/29/2013 reports that the NJSO’s artistic leadership expressed confidence in the institution. “I feel very confident about the future of the organization artistically,” said music director Jacques Lacombe. “And financially, we’re doing pretty well for […]

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Dare To Do Your Diligence

In case you missed the bombshell news over the weekend, the New York Times published an article by Dan Wakin on 1/11/2013 which reported recently hired New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) President & CEO Richard Dare had quit in light of a 1996 case in which he was charged with an “attempted lewd act upon” a 15-year-old girl. Accordingly, today’s article will focus on issues related to due diligence and executive recruitment. In Dare’s case, the New York Times article highlights two primary areas of concern that overlap with due diligence efforts […]

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Even Without Machold, There Are Plenty Of Black Hats To Go Around

Alix Krista authored a detailed account of the rise and fall of violin dealer Dietmar Machold which appeared in the 10/19/2012 edition of businessinsider.com. It will be surprising if Machold emerges from the legal process without some jail time but even though he’s is, for all intents and purposes, out of the game that doesn’t mean the rare instrument trade is clear of bad guys. (more…)

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