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2015 Compensation Reports Music Directors

2015 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Music Directors

For the average music director, the 2012/13 season was a good year financially; although a few high profile positions remained vacant that season, such as Boston and Philadelphia, brought the average increase lower than it would have been otherwise, most music directors saw their earnings increase by 3.43 percent. The Information In order to provide information that is as accurate as possible, info from the 2012/13 season is gathered from the following sources: Music Director compensation figures were obtained from their respective orchestra’s IRS Form 990 for the 2012/13 concert season. Total Expenditures were […]

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Oregon Symphony Finally Gets A New CEO

It has been nearly two seasons since the Oregon Symphony started looking for a new executive administrator and after the usual crop of candidates left them struggling to find a viable candidate, the search committee looked outside the box and ended up tapping LA Phil Vice President for Development Scott Showalter as their new President and Chief Executive Officer. Inside sources indicate Showalter came to the search committee’s attention after board member Thomas Lauderdale (of Pink Martini) pulled him for his personal group of professional connections. There was no word on why […]

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The Curious Case Of Carlos’ Compensation

There’s an intriguing discussion brewing in Portland, OR where Oregon Arts Watch executive editor, Barry Johnson, ran into a brick wall while attempting to verify the annual compensation for Oregon Symphony music director Carlos Kalmar. It started with an article by Johnson on 10/29/2013 that reported on the conductor’s contract being extended through June, 2018 which also referenced a corresponding compensation figure from Adaptistration’s 2013 Compensation Reports. According to Johnson, the Oregon Symphony disputes the figure but when he asked for the correct amount, Johnson reports that the organization wouldn’t divulge the […]

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A little off the top

Oregon Gets A Haircut

Although not exactly a buzz cut compared to their peers, the musicians of the Oregon Symphony (OS) recently agreed to midterm amendment to their existing collective bargaining agreement that reportedly waives a lump sum end of season payment along with the planned 2.6 percent base salary increase for the 2013/14 season. The 5/28/2013 edition of The Oregonian published an article by David Stabler where the author describes the latest round of austerity measures as a “slow, relentless shrinking of the Oregon Symphony.” Neither the Oregon Symphony website nor the musician run website […]

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Time To Stir The Pot

Today may only be Tuesday but it’s already been an eventful week. We had a second lockout in one city, an imposed contract, and <gasp> a three year agreement that contains nothing but (albeit) mild increases. Oh, and an official contract extension through January 2013 (it’s like a super sized play and talk). Apparently, It’s Orchestra Season In Minneapolis Although the field has seen it coming for weeks, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) officially locked out their musicians making them the second major orchestra in the same metropolitan area to initiate […]

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