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The Pittsburgh Ballet Should Watch Amadeus

The labor standoff in Pittsburgh regarding the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's decision to eliminate live music in favor of recorded music in the middle of contract negotiations with the ballet musicians is mostly unchanged... However, the musicians have rallied the backing of other labor unions and supporters throughout the country in aid of the picketing. Nevertheless, [...]
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Some Sleep Deprived Thoughts About Pittsburgh

It's not all that uncommon for thought provoking issues to prevent me from falling asleep, but it's rare they actually wake me up out of a sound slumber. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case last night... I was jolted awake when thoughts about sympathy strikes and the recent split within the AFL-CIO collided in my subconscious. [...]
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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Musicians File Unfair Labor Charges

In response to the decision by the PBT Board of Trustees to only use recorded music for the 2005-2006 season, the musicians of the PBT orchestra, and their representing union, AFM Local 60-471, are filing Unfair Labor Charges against the organization... According to Nathan Kahn, the AFM negotiator representing the musicians, the announcement from the [...]
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A Disturbing Precedent From The Pittsburgh Ballet

The Pittsburgh Ballet administration distributed a press release yesterday stating they plan to eliminate the ballet orchestra for their 2005-2006 season... The press release stated, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Board of Trustees Chair Jeanne Gleason has announced that all performances in the 2005-2006 season will be performed to pre-recorded orchestral music in order for the organization [...]
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