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The “Gruesome Details” Of Philly CEO Renewal

On 2/29/2012, the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) issues a two page press statement announcing a multi-year contract renewal for President and CEO Allison Vulgamore. Music critic Norman Lebrecht reports that the deal will require approval from the bankruptcy court then, in turn, refers to an article on the matter by Philadelphia Inquirer music critic Peter Dobrin for the “gruesome detail.” (more…)

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The Domino Theory Orchestra Pension Style

The Domino Theory, Orchestra Pension Style

The 12/1/2011 edition of the New York Times published an article by Dan Wakin and Mary Williams Walsh that examined the impact of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s (POA) withdrawal from the American Federation of Musicians and Employers Pension Fund (AFM-EPF). In case you’re coming into the situation without much knowledge, here are the highlights you need to get up to speed. (more…)

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Pushing The Sky Up In Boston

The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) recently wrapped up a new three year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that flies in the face of the Chicken Little Think Tank sky is falling doctrine. Normally, we wouldn’t spend time looking at what amounts to a typical contract with standard improvements but given the recent concessionary agreement in Philadelphia, it seems appropriate to examine some of the contract provisions. (more…)

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was what he focused on and it

Editorial Cartoon: Bully For Them!

It seems that last week’s article about whether or not the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) is still competitive with attracting and retaining top talent among its peer group caught the attention of Dixon, Adaptistration’s Editorial Cartoonist. Like any good cartoonist, the article’s bar chart illustrating the POAs change in rank was what he focused on and it inspired him to put together today’s editorial cartoon; A Poignant Power Point Presentation In Philly. (more…)

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