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thrill of competition

To Compete Or Not To Compete

In the wake of the very public, lawyer filled, and at times nasty feud between Peter Nero and the Philly Pops and the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA), both groups ultimately arrived at a separation agreement. They will continue with joint operations through June, 2012 and beyond that, they are once again separate entities. (more…)

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The best way to get out of a bear trap is avoiding it to begin with.

Good For Philadelphia

The 7/1/2010 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Classical Music Critic Peter Dobrin that reports the Philadelphia Orchestra and Philly Pops have decided not to pursue plans for the former to absorb the latter. Regardless the reasons, it’s good to see that both groups were willing to honestly examine the situation and back away from a decision regardless of appearances… (more…)

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