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Fort Worth Symphony Reaches Tentative Deal And No Details From Pittsburgh Symphony

One day after a report that bargaining was stalled, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) announced it reached a tentative agreement. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), which had been mediating the negotiations, released a press statement on 12/04/2016 announcing the tentative deal. The musicians have scheduled a ratification meeting for Wednesday, 12/07/2016 but as of now, there is no work if the musicians’ negotiation team plans to recommend their colleagues accept or reject the offer. Likewise, no details about the tentative agreement’s terms have been released. The FWSO has cancelled […]

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The Pittsburgh Symphony Strike Is Over

Just a quick post-Thanksgiving note today to make sure you haven’t inadvertently overlooked the good news that the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra work stoppage has ended and the group is back to work with a newly ratified collective bargaining agreement. Rumblings of a deal surfaced via an article by Elizabeth Bloom in the 11/22/2016 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette then became public via a 11/23/2016 article in the same outlet by Bob Batz Jr. We’ll take a closer look at the new agreement’s terms next week. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend!

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How Many Words Is This Picture Worth?

Although the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) and its musicians returned to mediated bargaining at the beginning of the month, those talks have yet to produce enough momentum to prevent additional event cancellations. Case in point, the organization announced the latest round of cancellations for events through Monday, 12/5/2016. Since both sides agreed to a media blackout, there are few details but the 11/15/2016 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Elizabeth Bloom which reports both sides have confirmed that negotiations are ongoing. The articles reuses what may be one of […]

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Is There A Tiny Ray Of Hope Developing In Pittsburgh?

The 10/20/2016 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Elizabeth Bloom which takes a Forward 1 Somersault Straight right into the heart of issues we examined earlier this week via the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) work stoppage. Bloom’s article provides additional examples illustrating what is perhaps best described as counterproductive entrenchment such as musician claims that the employer refuses to release economic data for the most recent fiscal year. Two items of note should catch your attention. First, PSO president and CEO Melia Tourangeau doubles down on the employer’s zero sum […]

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Pittsburgh Symphony Cancels More Concerts. Disagreements Over Disagreements Abound.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) recently announced another round of event cancellations through November 18, 2016. Although cancellations are par for the course during a work stoppage, what makes this round of cancellations unusual is they appear to be driven more by brinkmanship than an inability to reach an agreement. Failing to reach an agreement assumes both sides are negotiating but as of now, describing parties as actively bargaining wouldn’t come close to being an accurate statement. Let’s begin with an article published in the 10/17/2016 edition of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review written […]

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