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What’s Your Group Doing For Black Friday?

Out of all the orchestra mailing lists I subscribe (over 100 so far) it never ceases to surprise me how few offer any sort of thanksgiving holiday shopping promotion. In fact, so far this season, the only one I’ve received is from the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Granted, not every group is going to have offerings […]

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Time To Stir The Pot

Today may only be Tuesday but it’s already been an eventful week. We had a second lockout in one city, an imposed contract, and <gasp> a three year agreement that contains nothing but (albeit) mild increases. Oh, and an official contract extension through January 2013 (it’s like a super sized play and talk). (more…)

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More Good News

In the wake of grim news from Indianapolis last week I enjoyed a fascinating email conversation with a colleague that produced one of the best anecdotes I’ve come across that balances the rising tide of defeatism. Given that is all too easy for orchestra leaders feeling beat down by the economic downturn to succumb to […]

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How About That, Everything Isn’t All Doom And Gloom

Of course, the field is filled with success and growth and it seems that the latest installment comes by way of an article from 8/15/12 in that focuses on recent growth at the Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO). The article, written by David Brewster, examines new artistic initiatives from the new music director, Ludovic Morlot, […]

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2010 Orchestra Website Review: Best & Worst Of

Wrapping up the US reviews for 2010 is the Best & Worst from this year’s review. The Best recognizes orchestras that made particularly large advancements in certain categories while the Worst examines organizations that could benefit from improving particularly damaging components and/or practices… (more…)

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Tentative Seattle Agreement and Summit Live Blogging Day 2

The Seattle Symphony and their musicians have reached a tentative agreement. The new agreement, which has yet to be ratified by the musicians, will last 23 months over the course of three seasons and contains some very unique elements (although not entirely unprecedented for the Seattle Musicians). As I’m invovled with the American Orchestra Summit […]

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Lest We Forget About Seattle

Amidst all of the excitement and attention focused on Cleveland Orchestra’s work stoppage, it was easy for folks to overlook important recent development in Seattle and I’m no exception. As a result, I have gone back and edited the article I posted at the beginning of the week right before the news of Cleveland strike […]

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In Seattle, negotiations are shaping up to be about which direction the organization will take over the next several years.

Updates In Seattle

It was an eventful weekend for stakeholders at the Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO) as the ensemble crossed the latest benchmark in their ongoing labor dispute. On Sunday 1/17/2010, the musicians unanimously rejected a contract proposal from management and although they have already passed a strike authorization, the musicians have stated that they do not plan […]

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