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Remember Shreveport?

It has been nearly one year since we last checked in on the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and their work stoppage but good news is the reward for patience as both sides announced an agreement on 7/19/2010. The new two year agreement produces a 2010/11 season that tentatively begins in November. Terms include retaining the […]

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A Busy Weekend

Where to start? Work this weekend prevented any effort to write something in depth about what has been going on so instead, here’s an overview of events throughout the business from the past few days and what’s in store this week… (more…)

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Flanagan, Shreveport, And The CBC Radio Orchestra

It is only Tuesday but there are a number of items worth pointing out and we’ll start up north and work our down. First, moments after the news that the CBC Radio Orchestras was going to be disbanded was announced, social networking groups centered on saving the orchestra started springing up. Save the CBC Radio […]

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The Shreveport Times: How Coverage Should Unfold

The 3/27/2008 edition of the Shreveport Times published an article by Donecia Pea which provides a comprehensive look at the ongoing labor dispute between the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and the symphony musicians, the Orchestra Players United of Shreveport-Bossier (OPUS). After wading through the less than desirable coverage of the Columbus situation provided by the […]

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