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2011 Canadian Orchestra Website Review: Overall Rankings

Between 10/12/11 and 11/04/11, 14 professional orchestra websites were examined and ranked by how well they presented their concert schedule, sold tickets, facilitated making donations, provided organizational information, utilized dynamic content, and on overall content and functionality on both desktop and mobile platforms.

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Next Stop, Lawyerville

On Sunday, 7/24/2011 I had a good bit of fun as the guest on, the new music and music news video podcast. The topics were quite diverse and as always, the SoundNotion hosts (David MacDonald, Sam Merciers, and Nate Bliton) were their regular inquisitive/challenging/edgy selves; simply put, they are an interested and interesting group.

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Checking Up On The Soundcheck Programs Part 2

To continue where Part 1 left off yesterday, this installment will continue the examination of a unique audience development initiative designed to attract the under 30 demographic.  Today’s article will focus on the soundcheck programs at the Nashville Symphony and the St. Louis Symphony.

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Checking Up On The Soundcheck Programs

Last January I wrote an article that examined two unique programs at Toronto and Nashville designed to develop an audience base from the currently underrepresented below 30 demographic.  At that time, the numbers from the 02-03 season showed that the Toronto program had been very successful and the Nashville program was building momentum.

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A new audience in Toronto and Nashville

I recently found two orchestras that are actively implementing an idea that I’ve been advocating here for awhile: marketing to the under 30 demographic.  Conventional wisdom in this industry states that it isn’t worthwhile to market toward a demographic that is expensive to attract and notoriously fickle in their tastes. But I don’t always buy […]

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