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How Would You Describe Your Venue Relationship?

When it comes to a primary venue, most orchestras operate in one of three environments, each with their own unique sets of pros and cons: Owner/Operator: Pros include complete control over scheduling and programming, in-house administrative offices, and maximizing earned income from rental fees, box-office services, concessions, etc. Cons include the large costs related with initial building costs along with legacy operational and maintenance costs for operating a brick and mortar facility. Renter/Operator: Pros include maintaining control over scheduling and programming without the associated legacy costs but at the expense of losing […]

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Encouraging Signs In Virginia

As the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO) awaits a December 17, 2008 decision by their local government over whether or not they will provide emergency financial support in the form of a loan, supporters of the program, such as City of Norfolk Mayor Paul D. Fraim, can draw support from a casual poll initiated by Hampton Roads. The poll asks readers “Should Norfolk provide funds to prevent the symphony from declaring bankruptcy?”… (more…)

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Some Clarification In Virginia

The 12/5/2008 edition of the Virginian-Pilot published an article by Teresa Annas which reports on the current cash-crunch at the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO). Although the article does a fine job at reporting on some of the VSO’s current financial positions and some wonderful efforts by local politicians, there are a few inaccuracies about the orchestra business in general that require correction… (more…)

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