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A Quick Pointer

Just a quick pointer today over to the audio from yesterday’s WQXR podcast, Conducting Business. I posted it so late in the day that a number of readers apparently missed it but fear not, it’s up and running inside yesterday’s post plus you can go right to the source at the WQXR website. In addition to a streaming copy of the program, you will find some after-the-fact thoughts on the potential impact of audience advocacy groups if the dispute continues to erode.

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Talking Met On WQXR

Update: the segment is now live! I had the pleasure of taking part in a panel discussion for WQXR’s bi-weekly podcast Conducting Business, hosted by Naomi Lewin, to talk about the Metropolitan Opera’s ongoing labor negotiations. My fellow panelists included: James Jorden, editor of the opera blog Parterre Box and a contributor to the New York Observer. Lois S. Gray, a Professor Emeritus of Labor Management Relations Emeritus at Cornell University. One item I meant to bring up but completely forgot about once the conversation started is the potential impact one or more audience advocacy groups may have on the dispute […]

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How Troubled Orchestras Can Bounce Back And Flourish

WQXR’s latest podcast from their Conducting Business series, which focuses on issues affecting the classical music landscape, includes a discussion about the state of American orchestras and the current rash of labor disputes. The panel includes host Naomi Lewin, Graydon Royce, music critic at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jesse Rosen, president and chief executive of the League of American Orchestras, and me. (more…)

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Relax, It's Not A Crisis

Relax, It’s Not A Crisis

In case you missed it, WQXR hosted a live discussion panel webcast titled American Orchestras: Endangered Species? yesterday which you can watch online at wqxr.org or in the embedded video after the break. In complete candor, I haven’t watched the entire session yet myself but I was disappointed at the onset by phrasing of the initial question from host and WQXR VP Graham Parker… (more…)

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